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Indium market price stability trading remains flat-SMM indium spot weekly report (2020.5.6-2020.5.9)
May 9,2020 15:52CST
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SMM May 9: this week's indium market price is still stable, after the May Day holiday transaction situation, the market activity is still general, domestic and foreign consumption situation is still less than the previous change, buyer demand is weak, the transaction order in addition to production needs, there is a small amount of speculative demand. However, in order to strive for valid orders, sellers still focus their quotations on the low level of the price range. By the end of this week, the price of SMM refined indium is 920-950 yuan / kg, the average price remains the same as last week.

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Since there are only three trading days this week, the crude indium market still follows the performance of the refined indium market, and the trading situation does not show performance. Although the seller is still actively offering prices, but due to the weak expectations of short-term market demand, the market price is still not optimistic.


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