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[SMM Survey] in April, the production of recycled lead continued to climb the slope and the operating rate of licensed enterprises was 48.62%.
May 9,2020 15:18CST
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SMM, 9 May:

According to the (SMM) survey of Shanghai Nonferrous Network, the operating rate of domestic licensed recycled lead smelting enterprises was 48.62% in April, up 20.31% from the previous month.

The survey involved 34 enterprises with a total production capacity of 4.314 million tons, and the total production of licensed recycled lead in April totaled 174300 tons, an increase of 72800 tons over March.

Since March, due to the lack of abundant replacement of waste batteries, the new production project of superimposed recycled lead is about to be implemented, and the demand for waste batteries in the market is tight, resulting in a slow climb in the output of recycled lead. Among them, the operating rate of large enterprises (annual production capacity > 100000 tons) was 48.13% in April, up 22.89% over the previous month. The main reason was that the waste battery recyclers basically returned to the position, and the source of goods in circulation in the market was slightly less than that in the early stage. as a result, the output affected by smelting waste in the early stage of Spring Festival Xing and Zhongqing was partially restored, in addition, the production time of Huayin and Hubei Jinyang increased, and the equipment maintenance of Tianneng ended. The starting rate of medium-sized enterprises (50 000 tons < 100000 tons) was 46.88% in April, up 16.84% from the previous month. Except for the partial solution of the problem of waste battery supply, the production time of Xinyu in Guangdong returned to normal. Tongliao Taiding overhauled and resumed production, and Hubei Jinyi resumed production, all contributed to part of the increment. The operating rate of small enterprises (with an annual production capacity of less than 50,000 tons) remained at 95.71% in April, unchanged from the previous month, and the production situation of enterprises was basically stable.

According to SMM analysis, lead basically maintained box shock operation in Shanghai in April, the profits of recycled lead enterprises were OK, and the income was relatively stable, the procurement of superimposed waste batteries was slightly less than that in the previous period, and the output of recycled lead enterprises was released. In addition, the production time of enterprises affected by overhaul, technical transformation and epidemic situation recovered in April, so the month-on-month output of licensed recycled lead smelting enterprises continued to rise in April. In the case of unlicensed refineries, due to the limited smelting profits, only a small number of small workshops dominated by individual business production have recovered, so the operating rate of unlicensed recycled lead refineries rose moderately in April.

In May, the pressure on the supply side of recycled lead may increase sharply, and the increment mainly comes from the new commissioning of licensed enterprises. Among them, Anhui Taihe Dahua and Jiangxi Qijin plan to put into production on May 10, and the waste battery inventory has been more than 20,000 tons respectively. Jiangxi Fengri is scheduled to be put into production in mid-May, and its waste battery inventory has basically met the one-month disposal capacity. As a result, SMM expects recycled lead production and operating rates to continue to increase in May.

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