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Chihong Industries sells 64 tons of cadmium ingots (Cd99. 995) invite companies in the industry to participate in the quotation
May 7,2020 11:07CST
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SMM5 March 7: may 6, Chihong Industrial Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced that it is necessary to sell a copy of the "Chihong Zinc Germanium" brand cadmium ingot according to the business arrangement, and sincerely invite all companies in the industry to participate in the quotation. The following are the details of the bidding:

I. the subject matter of the bidding:

Packing method: wooden case packing, about 1000kg/ box.

3. Settlement method: the measurement shall be based on the weight inspection data of the supplier, the settlement shall be based on the weight inspection order provided by the supplier, and the supplier shall provide value-added tax bills and product quality certificates as settlement vouchers within the current month.

IV. Matters related to the submission of quotations

(1) quotation method: direct quotation on electronic sales platform.

1. Quotation operating instructions: log on to the website of Yunnan Chihong Zinc Germanium Co., Ltd. (website: www.chxz.com) electronic sales users log in (login account is the full name of the company) to quote. Platform address: http://xs.chxz.com

2. Bidding contact: sun Hongmei, Liu Zhifang. Tel: 021 Murray 34788509.

3. Electronic sales platform registered contact: Chen Lei, Tel: 0874-8979587; he Yu, Tel: 0874-8979557.

(II) the deadline for quotations is 2020-05-12 15:00:00.

V. bid evaluation:

The bid evaluation shall be organized by our company, and the winning bidder shall be determined according to the detailed rules for the implementation of bidding for the main products of Chihong Industrial Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and promptly notify the winning bidder in writing to negotiate the contract and specific supply matters. VI. Customer notes:

(1) bidding rules: the tender quantity shall be in tons, and the minimum bid quantity shall be 5 tons; the bid quantity of non-factory pick-up customers shall be an integral multiple of 20 tons.

(2) the principle of bid evaluation: the bid price shall be reduced by freight and miscellaneous charges to restore the ex-factory price, and the bid shall be arranged in turn according to the ex-factory price until the distribution is completed. The higher the bidding price is, and the higher the bidding price is, the higher the bidding price is.

(3) penalty for bidding: (1) refusal to execute after winning the bid (including refusing to confirm after winning the bid, refusing to pay after confirmation or selective execution) shall be deemed to be dishonest. Chihong Industries will be notified within the scope of the company and included in the customer integrity file of Chihong Company. (2) the occurrence of unfair competition by improper means, thereby crowding out competitors and harming the interests of Chui Macro, such as bidding with other customers, clean risk events, etc., once verified, resolutely ban the qualification for cooperation and be included in the blacklist of customers. If we trace the facts and have caused direct economic losses to Chi Hong, we shall not only recover the economic losses in accordance with the laws and regulations, but also retain the right of criminal prosecution.

(4) other matters that are not mentioned shall be agreed upon in the purchase and sale contract after winning the bid, and the purchase and sale contract shall prevail.

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