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Indium market price stability trading remains flat-SMM indium spot weekly report (2020.4.27-2020.4.30)
Apr 30,2020 13:55CST
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SMM April 30: this week indium market price is stable, transaction situation, market activity is still flat, domestic and foreign consumption situation is still less than the previous change, buyer demand is weak. Sellers still focus their quotations on the lows of the price range. By the end of this week, the price of SMM refined indium is 920-950 yuan / kg, the average price is unchanged from last week. This week, the market has also seen the price of less than 920 yuan / kg transaction situation.

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The crude indium market still follows the performance of the refined indium market, and the trading performance is also light. Recently, the people's Government of Yunnan Province issued a circular on "several measures to support the development of the real economy", the first of which is to support key enterprises to carry out commercial collection and storage of non-ferrous metal products. In accordance with the principle of "enterprise collection and storage, bank loans, financial subsidies, market operation, self-financing", the province's copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, germanium, indium and other key non-ferrous metal products commercial collection and storage, the total amount of collection and storage is about 800000 tons, the collection and storage time is one year. The funds required for collection and storage shall be loaned to the bank by the enterprise in the form of product pledge. The provincial finance allocates 1 billion yuan in special funds to partially discount interest on bank loans to enterprises. Among them, 80% discount subsidies are given to enterprises that store tin, germanium and indium. As soon as this news came out, it has become the focus of attention in the market. Due to the sensitivity of indium resources in Pan-Asia auction, the market has made a lot of guesses about some of the correlations. But in any case, it is more or less a small advantage for the market, so many sellers are actively offering prices this week. However, near the end of the month, the seller's wait-and-see mood is still heavy, and it is expected that the probability of stable indium market prices after the festival is still high.


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