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[SMM scrap aluminum column] Freight charges rise and future prices worry about scrap aluminum holders actively shipping
Apr 30,2020 13:10CST
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Daily Review of waste Aluminum Price

Due to the relatively stable maintenance of aluminum prices, waste aluminum prices are basically flat compared with yesterday, but because of more shipments, the market is extremely active. Specifically, due to the poor demand for recycled cast aluminum alloy, under the current high waste aluminum price, recycled aluminum enterprises have strong wait-and-see mood, low purchasing enthusiasm and low acceptance of the current high price. In terms of aluminum bars, the production of aluminum water bars has increased rapidly under high processing fees. Some of the recent products of A356 production enterprises have been converted to aluminum bars, and even the collection of A356 alternating orders has occurred, and aluminum water bars use 100% aluminum water without waste aluminum. If a large number of aluminum water bar processing fees fall back, aluminum bar enterprises for high prices of cooked aluminum acceptance is poor, the current cooked aluminum prices may reach a short-term peak. At the same time, taking into account the high-speed charges after the festival, the increase in freight, especially the increase in long-distance freight to reduce the sales radius, it is not difficult to understand that waste aluminum shippers are active in shipping today.

April 30 SMM aluminum alloy ADC12 price

The pre-festival quotation of recycled aluminum enterprises remained stable, in view of the problem of waste aluminum supply, recycled aluminum enterprises for overseas import of aluminum alloy spindle inquiry increased significantly. Specific prices, the domestic mainstream large enterprises quoted 13150 yuan / ton, low prices are still concentrated in the use of imported waste aluminum enterprises, the low price part is still maintained at less than 12800 yuan / ton, and there is no willingness to raise prices today. In terms of small and medium-sized enterprises, the quotation of a recycled aluminum enterprise in Jiangxi is stable, and the current price is 13000 yuan / ton. Although the market feedback quotation follows, the price of a recycled aluminum factory has risen by 100 yuan / ton, the actual transaction price can still have certain concessions, and the transaction price rise is relatively weak. Under the background of weak demand, due to the rise in aluminum prices brought about by rising costs, recycled aluminum ADC12 prices rose passively, relatively speaking, the price gap between ADC12 and A00 aluminum is still narrowing, but at present, the gap between the price gap continues to narrow and the price of waste aluminum still needs to fall back. In addition, according to the feedback of recycled aluminum enterprises, waste aluminum transactions are relatively active today.

Distribution Map of Price difference between ADC12 and A00 Aluminum from 2015 to 2020

Note: the left axis is the absolute price and the right axis is ADC12 to A00 aluminum processing fee

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