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Daily Evaluation of imported Manganese Ore on April 30, 2020
Apr 30,2020 12:18CST
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On April 30, the extremely high price of imported manganese ore slowed down slightly. Some operators said that although the offer was still near 60 yuan / tonnage, but the transaction intention of the mainstream Australian block exceeding 56 yuan / tonnage was very low, it was known that the transaction price of more than 1,000 tons of Australian block was 57.5 yuan / tonnage. At the same time, the purchase before the May 1st Festival is also weaker than in previous years, the traders' cherishing and selling mentality has also been relaxed, and the market transactions and quotations tend to be rational, but they are subject to the decline in the domestic arrival volume of South Africa and individual manganese mines in May. It is more likely that the short-term trading price range of manganese ore will remain stable.

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