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[SMM Global epidemic data tracking] A total of 3 million cases have been confirmed worldwide, and the Tokyo Olympic Games may be cancelled.
Apr 28,2020 19:18CST
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On April 26, 69400 new cases were confirmed worldwide, the lowest since March 30. As of 15:00 on 27 April, a total of 3 million cases had been confirmed worldwide and the total number of deaths worldwide had reached 210000.

A total of 20, 000 new cases were confirmed in the United States on April 27. As of 15:00 on April 28, a total of 1.01 million cases have been confirmed and 56000 deaths have been confirmed. The White House unveiled a virus test plan on the 27th, saying it would speed up virus testing to achieve the "restart the United States" plan. Russia added 6198 cases on the 27th, and by 15:00 on April 28, a total of 87000 cases had been confirmed, surpassing the cumulative number of confirmed cases in China to become the ninth largest in the world. However, judging from the new trend, Russia may still be in an "early stage" and it is too early to expect an inflection point. The trend of new confirmation in India is still slowly rising. India's Max Healthcare Group confirmed to the media on the 27th that 33 health care workers in the first hospital district of the group in the capital New Delhi have been diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. If the epidemic does not take a turn for the better, India's national blockade as of May 3 may face further extension.

Affected by the epidemic, the Tokyo Olympic Games scheduled for July this year were postponed to 2021 on March 24, the first delay in Olympic history, which is estimated to cost Japan more than 3 trillion yen (1916 yen). However, on April 28, local time, Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Yoshiro Mori said in an interview that if the new crown pneumonia epidemic does not end by the summer of 2021, the Tokyo Olympic Games will not be postponed again, but will be cancelled.

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