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"Distribution Map of China's Copper Industry chain 2020"-Co-production invitation letter
Apr 26,2020 12:05CST
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2019 is a year in which the problem of global trade friction is becoming more prominent and the downward pressure on the economy is enormous. In 2020, it was invaded by coronavirus, and the domestic economy and business activities entered a state of stagnation. Fortunately, the domestic epidemic has been fully controlled, many places have lifted the ban to resume traffic, enterprises have also quickly entered the state of production and operation.

As a big country of global output and consumption of electrolytic copper and copper processing materials, China has been severely tested. In particular, copper rod enterprises, represented by copper processing enterprises, have serious overcapacity, and the competitive situation in the industry has become increasingly fierce. In addition, affected by the epidemic this year, enterprises are in urgent need of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading. The copper pipe and copper rod market is also not optimistic. The epidemic situation abroad has spread, foreign trade orders have been reduced, domestic sales competition is fierce, the return fund cycle has been lengthened, and the financial pressure of enterprises has greatly increased. Copper strip processing enterprises are also undergoing restructuring and transformation, small and medium-sized enterprises gradually withdraw from the market because of environmental protection and homogeneous competition, and are overtaken or even replaced by enterprises with R & D strength. More and more new materials are recognized by the market. Copper plate enterprises also began to transition from conventional general belt to high precision copper alloy belt. The era of low-price competition is no longer the mainstream market demand, high quality, service, after-sale, well-funded enterprises are the important examination point of upstream and downstream cooperation.

For this reason, Shanghai Nonferrous Network organizations re-combed the industry, integrated China's copper industry resources, and produced the "2020 China Copper Industry chain Distribution Map." We will invite the copper industry upstream and downstream industry associations to participate in the production and supervision, at the same time in each industry section to select a representative enterprise as a co-production unit to promote and distribute the copper industry distribution map, welcome famous enterprises to join!

Distribution Map of China's Copper Industry chain in 2020

Template sample diagram (1160mm*860mm)

I. Map content

(1) Enterprise distribution map

In 2020, the national electrolytic copper smelting representative enterprise name and electrolytic copper brand details;

In 2020, the national copper processing representative enterprise distribution: copper strip, copper foil, copper tube, copper bar, copper rod, electromagnetic wire, copper rod, copper alloy and other copper processing material enterprise name, main products, production capacity and other data;

(2) investigation data of copper processed materials

Import of copper concentrate in 2020 / output and operation rate of copper concentrate in China in 2020

Output of processed Materials in China in 2020 / proportion of downstream Classification of Copper processed Materials in 2020

(3) SMM price bid unit

2020SMM1# Electrolytic Copper Standard Unit / 2020 Guangdong SMM1# Electrolytic Copper Standard Unit

2020SMM rough processing fee mining unit / 2020SMM copper concentrate index mining unit

2020SMM Yangshan Copper Premium bid Collection Unit

Copper rod

Copper tube

Copper strip

Copper bar

Copper bar

Electromagnetic wire

II. Issuance

Number of copies issued: 20000 copies in the first batch of printing

Distribution object

Distribution channel of map

Online registration: in the SMM main station, WeChat official account, palm color and other channels to provide free collection port, after verification, free mail;

Offline distribution:

1. Express mail: free delivery to non-ferrous network cooperation related enterprises;

2. Visit and investigation: non-ferrous network regularly organize visits to the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, give away the person in charge of the relevant enterprises;

3. Trade associations, park distribution: through the SMM cooperation of the domestic upstream and downstream trade associations, park distribution collection;

4. Industry Summit, Exhibition: 2020 (15th) China International Copper Industry chain Summit

2020 China Electrical material supply and demand Trading Summit

2020 Copper Rod Industry chain Summit Forum

New Materials Forum of China Industry Expo 2020-2020 China Automobile New Materials Application Summit Forum

2020 Annual meeting of Nonferrous Metals Industry

The 31st International Exhibition on Refrigeration, Air conditioning, heating, ventilation and Food Frozen processing

The 6th West China International Exhibition on Refrigeration, Air conditioning, heating, ventilation and Food Frozen processing

Shanghai International hardware Exhibition

2020 Shanghai Plumbing and Sanitary Ware Exhibition

China International Motor Exhibition

International Cable and Wire Exhibition

Shanghai International Cable and Wire Exhibition

III. Form of map distribution

SMM is committed to Building a Global Community of Metal operators

In the invitation to co-production, you are interested in calling and writing to the enterprise. For more information, please contact:

Copper Division: Yang Bo

Copper industry
recycled copper

For queries, please contact Frank LIU at liuxiaolei@smm.cn

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