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[SMM Thread] the 23rd period is high and low, and the market sentiment is weak.
Apr 23,2020 19:02CST
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Today thread main continuous high open low go, basically withdraw yesterday's increase, close to 3330, as a result of yesterday's close, spot morning trading slightly higher, but after the rise, the transaction is not smooth, the afternoon disk is weak, it is expected to lose after the price is loosened, there are some transactions, all-day transactions are generally weak. Market sentiment is cautious. [Hangzhou]: with the snail opening high this morning, the mainstream transaction price rose by 10-20 yuan / ton, and the Shagang thread was quoted at 3540-3550 yuan / ton. The whole day concussion downward, spot prices with a drop of about 10-20 yuan / ton. Shagang thread is quoted at 3520-3540 yuan per ton. Zhongtian pan snail is quoted at 3610-3620 yuan per ton. Due to the weak trend of the disk, traders and terminals mainly wait and see, all-day transactions are general. [Shanghai]: Shagang resources remained stable today, with morning thread up 10-20 yuan / ton, Shagang to 34603490 yuan / ton, and high afternoon prices moving down to 34603480 yuan / ton. Overall trading is generally weak. [Beijing]: the opening price of some river steel resources rose slightly by 10 yuan, threaded river steel 3470-3480 yuan / ton, screw river steel 37303740 yuan / ton, but the overall transaction was not good, the intraday snail weakened, the high price dropped secretly, and the thread river steel was quoted to about 3470. [Guangzhou]: in the afternoon, the opening thread is stable, the cold steel quotation is 36403660 yuan / ton, the disk snail quotation is stable, and the ten thousand steel quotation is 36403660 yuan / ton. The deal is OK, at a normal level in the near future.

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