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[SMM thread] 22nd period is high, spot turnover has improved, but there is no boom.
Apr 22,2020 19:03CST
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After the snail opened lower today, the intraday stock market led by the technical rise, pulled up faster. The spot quotation in the market with strong financial attributes has been raised, and the low price has done well, while some central and western cities, such as Wuhan, Changsha and Guiyang, are more cautious, the mainstream quotation has not risen, and the low price resources are stable to the warehouse. [Hangzhou]: in the early trading period, the screw disk was opened low and walked high, and the market quotation was stable. Shagang thread was quoted at 3510-3520 yuan per ton. In the afternoon, as the disk continued to rise, the spot market quotation was raised one after another by 10-20 yuan / ton, Shagang thread 3530-3540 yuan / ton, Zhongtian newspaper 3480-3490 yuan / ton, disk snail stable, Zhongtian newspaper 3620-3630 yuan / ton. The market is dominated by low-priced transactions, while high-priced transactions are relatively deserted. Some traders said they were looking forward to this week's inventory data. [Shanghai]: the opening of threaded sand steel resources is stable, and the daily quotation moves up 20-30 yuan / ton. At the end of the market, Shagang reaches 3460-3470 yuan / ton. The terminal demand is more stable, the speculative demand increases, and the trading volume is better than yesterday. [Beijing]: the all-day quotation is relatively stable, 34603470 yuan / ton for threaded river steel resources and 37303750 yuan / ton for Panluohe steel resources. Transactions are still weak, with some businesses saying demand for construction sites will still take time to release. [Guangzhou]: the thread is stable, the cold steel quotation 36503660 yuan / ton, the ten thousand steel quotation 36403660 yuan / ton, although the terminal demand is released stably, but due to the rainy day, the futures rise can not take up the price, the merchant guarantees the transaction primarily, the trading is generally weak.

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