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April 22 scrap copper spot trading daily review: copper prices fell again, scrap copper trade is in the doldrums
Apr 22,2020 17:11CST
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SMM, April 22: Shanghai electrolytic copper spot contract today rose 170 yuan / ton ~ 190 yuan / ton, Pingshui copper transaction price 40970 yuan / ton ~ 41090 yuan / ton, Shengshui copper transaction price 40980 yuan / ton ~ 41100 yuan / ton. Increased concerns in the crude oil market, dragging down commodities, Shanghai copper fell below the EMA support, down more than 1,000 yuan, down 2.45%, fell to around 40800 yuan / ton, under the sharp drop in the market, the holder raised his offer to 170 ~ 190 yuan / ton, Pingshui copper maintained stability in 170 ~ 180 yuan / ton, good copper remained at 180 ~ 190 yuan / ton, and the source of low-priced goods still attracted some traders to buy. But today, there is little room to lower prices; Wet copper quotation at the same time up, the holder of high prices in the water 140 yuan / ton or so. Copper futures for two days continuous negative, downstream enterprises bargain replenishment, buying transactions improved; although traders have the willingness to receive goods, but the price is difficult to achieve the desired, the holder is more willing to raise water, the target rising water 200 yuan / ton, but the current stalemate state is difficult to support rising water smoothly again.

Guangdong Guang Guangliang copper quoted 38400 yuan / ton ~ 38700 yuan / ton, down 700yuan / ton compared with the previous trading day, fine waste price difference is-107yuan / ton, the ticket point is calculated as 6.3%. Today, copper prices fell sharply again, fine waste spread re-entered the inverted range, although downstream manufacturers can continue to receive goods, but the price is not high, and traders are willing to ship, in order to maintain liquidity. On the whole, the scrap copper trading industry has been relatively depressed this year, with profits and trade volume shrinking sharply.

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