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[SMM waste Aluminium column] Aluminium Price is the same as ADC12 quotation is stable and the problem of shortage of waste Aluminium is still serious.
Apr 22,2020 13:22CST
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Daily Review of waste Aluminum Price

Today, aluminum prices have remained stable, waste aluminum prices have remained strong, and waste aluminum prices have even risen slightly in some areas. It is reported that at present, Hubei waste aluminum production aluminum soup price has exceeded the A00 aluminum price, but the scrap aluminum spot is scarce, the supply shortage problem is still the same. At present, the price of broken raw aluminum without tax is more than 10000 yuan / ton, and the price of high-quality profile aluminum is close to 11000 yuan / ton.

April 22 SMM aluminum alloy ADC12 price

The spot price of A00 aluminum was flat today, while the price of waste aluminum remained strong. Demand due to yesterday's decline in aluminum prices, recycled aluminum prices fell less, downstream die-casting enterprises to maintain a wait-and-see, low willingness to purchase. Specific prices, large recycled aluminum enterprises to maintain the quotation of 13100 yuan / ton, the use of imported waste aluminum enterprises to maintain the quotation of 13000 yuan / ton, and a small number of enterprises lack of waste aluminum, the quotation is also maintained at 13300 yuan / ton. Heard of the transaction, because the customer acceptance of the high price is not high, there are still a very small number of ultra-low price transactions. As for small and medium-sized factories, as a result of a factory in Jiangxi yesterday quoted to maintain 13000 yuan / ton, so that the overall quotation of small and medium-sized factories to maintain 12800 yuan / ton, with the reduction of the overall inventory of recycled aluminum enterprises, the source of low-price goods has been reduced, some of the low-price sources of goods quoted up a small increase of 50 yuan / ton. At present, the domestic recycled aluminum ADC12 price mainly lies in the contradiction between the weak consumption and the aluminum price with the center of gravity moving up. Recently, the most prominent manifestation is that due to the near disappearance of export orders, recycled aluminum enterprises using imported waste aluminum are forced to scramble for orders at low prices, which contradicts the high cost of enterprises using domestic waste aluminum due to the shortage of domestic waste aluminum supply. The recent rise in aluminum prices has closed the window for recycled aluminum enterprises to use A00 aluminum, exacerbating the contradiction. If downstream demand can not absorb the price increase, recycled aluminum enterprises are likely to be forced to stop production due to insufficient supply of raw materials. In addition, today heard that overseas aluminum alloy ingot factories intend to increase domestic exports, the market has overseas aluminum alloy ingot factories to consult the domestic situation.

Distribution Map of Price difference between ADC12 and A00 Aluminum from 2015 to 2020

Note: the left axis is the absolute price and the right axis is ADC12 to A00 aluminum processing fee

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