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Daily Review of Silicon and Manganese Market on April 21, 2020
Apr 21,2020 11:26CST
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On April 21, affected by UMK's announcement that Mn36% South African semi-carbonic acid quoted US $6.98 / tonne from June to early July ($2.38 / tonnage higher than the April price), manganese ore quotations rose today, but the actual transaction of South African semi-carbonic acid did not rise, with 36 per cent of South African semi-carbonic acid maintained at 51-52 yuan / tonnage. In response to the startling rise in UMK, some traders said the news was true and that local shipments could be delivered in South Africa, but shipments could be reduced by more than 40 per cent and could only passively bear prices. However, more operators say it is difficult to accept that the price of relatively low-grade South African manganese ore is much higher than that of high-grade manganese ore such as Australia, and it is entirely possible to give up buying manganese hemicarbonate if South African ore is replaceable.

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