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[SMM thread] 20 days low, spot transaction is not good
Apr 20,2020 18:12CST
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Today snail day shock downward, spot quotation synchronous gradually downward, the whole day cumulative decline of 10-30 yuan / ton. In terms of transaction, the mainstream market feedback transaction general deviation. In the near future, the areas with good continuity of demand, such as Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou and so on, have relatively strong willingness to offer prices. [Hangzhou]: the spot price in early trading was reduced by about 10 yuan per ton, and the mainstream thread of Shagang was quoted at 3550-3560 yuan per ton. In the afternoon, the disk continued to concussion downward, the spot price down again 10-20 yuan / ton, thread sand steel 3530-3540 yuan / ton, Zhongtian 35003510 yuan / ton. Disk snail Zhongtian 36403650 yuan / ton. All-day transactions are poor, some traders offer relatively strong, the market looks forward to the May Day before the terminal stock small climax. [Shanghai]: the quotation of thread sand steel continues to move down all day, the phenomenon of covert decline is common, and some customers return orders in the market. The whole day fell about 20-30 yuan, now Shagang quoted to 34503460 yuan / ton. In the near future, the transaction deviation, the transaction site accounts for more. As a result of going up many times, some businesses have a strong bearish mood in the future. [Beijing]: mainstream quotations have fallen relatively less than in other markets, but shipments are also poor. Thread down about 10 yuan / ton, the current river steel resources to 34603470 yuan / ton, plate screw stability, river steel resources to 37303750 yuan / ton. [Guangzhou]: the quotation for the first kind of resources is relatively stable, the thread cold steel is stable, quoted 3670-3680 yuan / ton, the disk snail quotation is reduced by 10-20 yuan / ton, and Wangang 3640-3660 yuan / ton. It's a normal deal all day.

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