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Daily Review of Silicon and Manganese Market on April 17, 2020
Apr 17,2020 11:47CST
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On April 17, the silicon-manganese market gradually climbed under the drive of high mineral prices and futures prices, and many alloy factories quoted high prices frequently. Today, the national silicon-manganese quotation range is 6800-7200 yuan / tonne. At present, the spot inventory of individual alloy plants is relatively high, and the relatively low cost spot of low-cost ore production is still in the market. In the case of slow circulation of goods in the market, the spot price of alloys will rise more slowly. With regard to manganese mines, despite the further relaxation of mining and transport in South Africa today, individual ore prices continue to rise by 0.5-1 yuan / tonnage, and the willingness of manganese ore traders to raise high prices is still strong in anticipation of a significant reduction in manganese ore supply in May.

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