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Little change in trading volume during stable indium market prices-SMM indium spot weekly report (2020.4.13-2020.4.17)
Apr 17,2020 11:02CST
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SMM April 17: this week indium market prices continue to fall slightly, trading volume is calm, compared with last week, there is no significant improvement, the current domestic and foreign consumption situation is still flat, are basically in a wait-and-see state. From the seller's point of view, although the seller still adopts the high price sales model, but the transaction prices are still concentrated in the low price range, and with the emergence of lower price resources in some markets, resulting in the overall price of the market also began to decline slightly. By the end of this week, the price of SMM refined indium was 920-950 yuan / kg, down 10 yuan / kg compared with last week. From a week of trading, the market has also been less than 920 yuan / kg price transaction, but at present the number is small, not mainstream. Market participants said that the desolation of trading has led to a change in the mentality of some shipments, and the slow decline in indium prices will continue.

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Crude indium market still follows the performance of refined indium market, crude indium seller's offer is not as strong as last week, trading performance is also light. From the point of view of market participants, the current situation of pan-Asian auction resources is the focus of attention at present, in the current market trading is bleak, if pan-Asian indium ingots still do not enter the market for a long time, that will be a good thing for the market. It is expected that the price of indium will be stable next week, but it will also face the test of some low-cost resource shocks.


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