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Hydro reopened some recycled aluminum plants this week
Apr 15,2020 16:41CST
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SMM: Hydro (Norsk Hydro) updated the latest progress in the prevention and control of Xinguan pneumonia and the operation of various sectors on its website on April 14, local time. "Click to view the original text

Hydro said that while the continued fermentation of the new crown epidemic had put pressure on Hydro's main markets and exacerbated the escalation of market uncertainty, some recycling and extrusion plants had been opened this week to meet the backlog of orders in different product markets and customer demand.

For human impact:

1. In addition to continuing to implement approved production, the company will closely monitor the functioning of health systems in other affected areas and identify ways in which assistance can be provided.

2. Strengthen the support for the environmental emergency measures of Barcarena community, and improve the epidemic prevention measures to prevent and combat the epidemic situation of Xinguan.

3.2700 employees have been laid off temporarily.

Operation of each plate:

Bauxite, alumina: basically normal operation, there is a high degree of market uncertainty.

Energy: basically normal operation, there is a high degree of market uncertainty.

Primary aluminum: the production and operation of primary aluminum is basically maintained at a normal level. The resumption of production at the Husnes electrolytic aluminum plant has been postponed to the third quarter of 2020 at the earliest. Recycled aluminium plants such as Azuqueca in Spain, Luce in France, Rackwitz in Germany and Deeside in the UK will resume production this week after temporary closures. In response to weak demand and government restrictions, the US Henderson recycled aluminum plant has reduced capacity utilization and remains highly uncertain in the market.

Rolled products: basically normal operation. As downstream customers close production (the auto industry temporarily reduces production), there is a high degree of market uncertainty.

Extruded products: about 30% of the regional production capacity is basically normal, 50% of the production is reduced, 20% is closed or operated at a very low operating rate. Since last week, some factories have been or will be reproduced to serve customers in different areas.

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