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How can lead and zinc industry get customers online and offline quickly to achieve combination marketing?
Apr 15,2020 14:55CST
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In 2020 (15th) lead and zinc summit registration activities are in full swing, coincidence, SMM website lead and zinc zone, Liyuan zone page major revision, in the convenient view of prices, data, information at the same time, we want to sign up for enterprises to provide a new set of online + offline combination of marketing:

The Business Card of the Metal Industry-the address Book of the Business Card of the Metal Industry

The second Class Advertising Space of lead and Zinc column-the most cost-effective Advertising Space at present

So how on earth do these two channels help you to promote the combination? Let's give you an answer:

(1) after buying a business card for 5000 yuan (including the registration fee for the 15th lead and Zinc Summit), we will help you expose it through offline channels.

Host Summit: every year we host a large offline metal industry summit, each with a total of 1000 people. After signing up for the summit, your business card will be scanned into the book, and during the summit, the business card book will be distributed to all the guests attending the meeting for reference.

Gift distribution: at each event, a booklet with your business card may be distributed to a wide range of metal industry practitioners in the form of prizes.

2) add 3000 yuan / year to buy lead and zinc advertising space, you will get 600000 exposure

Successful purchase of "business card into the book" partners, plus 3000 yuan immediately enjoy lead and zinc area advertising space (lead and zinc zone two options), only 9 yuan a day, in a year, your product information will be exposed 600000 times.

Position of Advertising position in Secondary column of lead and Zinc

Every day, 220000 people enter the SMM official website (smm.cn) to view data and information, and 650000 times a day. According to Google statistics, at least 600000 people consult lead / zinc information each year, accounting for more than 20 percent of the total traffic on the site. During the year, the advertising space you spend 3000 yuan can be exposed 600000 times, which will be the most cost-effective advertising space.

Data from: the Home of the webmaster

Advantages of lead and zinc advertising space:

Ensure accurate users: because the advertising space is placed in the subdivided column of the lead and zinc column, the clever use of the column level for "funnel screening" to ensure that 99% of the users who come in are accurate users;

Ultra-low entry threshold: entry-level advertising space to help small and medium-sized metal enterprises layout the Internet, through 3000 yuan / year of very low cost to quickly realize the Internet of the metal industry.

For partners who need to purchase business cards into the book, please contact

Cao Juanjuan (lead): 135-6472-8530

Email: caojuanjuan@ly10000.com

Zhang Mao (Zinc): 183-2126-9197

Email: zhangmaomao@smm.cn


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