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Daily Review of waste Aluminum Price on April 14, 2020
Apr 14,2020 12:02CST
Daily Review of waste Aluminum Price on April 14, 2020
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[the continued rise in aluminum prices and the weak demand for recycled aluminum deviate from the domestic waste aluminum market continues to remain light.] Today, aluminum prices continued last week's rally, rising 20 yuan / ton to 11810 yuan / ton. The current rising trend of aluminum price deviates from the downstream demand of recycled aluminum ADC12. At the same time, due to the suppression of high-priced waste aluminum inventory before the Spring Festival, there is a huge difference in the quotation of waste aluminum market, and the waste aluminum market remains light. After the announcement of Q2 imported waste aluminum, the current price of imported waste aluminum is between 850 US dollars / ton, which still has a price advantage over domestic waste aluminum, and the first batch of Q2 imported waste aluminum has reached 191000 tons. Under the background that the impact of overseas epidemic situation has not yet appeared, it is expected that the subsequent import of waste aluminum will gradually increase the price impact on China.

(Shanghai Nonferrous Network Yi Liang)

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