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SMM April 13 Shanghai Nickel spot Daily Review
Apr 13,2020 16:46CST
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SMM, 13 April:

Today, SMM1 Electrolytic Nickel quoted 9690098600 yuan / ton, the average price is down 300 yuan / ton compared with last Friday. Russia Nickel to Shanghai Nickel 2005 contract 50-up 50 yuan / ton, Jinchuan Nickel to Shanghai Nickel 2005 contract up 1400-1500 yuan / ton. Today's morning market in the city Shang Sheng discount quotation is flat compared with last Friday, Russian nickel, taking into account the proximity of delivery (Wednesday, April 15), the market low price supply is less, more reported in flat water, morning trading in general, nickel prices continue to lower in the afternoon, the market transaction has not improved. Jinchuan nickel, more reported in the rising water 1400-1500 yuan / ton, terminal demand is weak, the transaction situation is few; Jinchuan company Shanghai has arrived, the ex-factory price of 98200 yuan / ton, but today the disk is high and low, traders receive hedging water is still above 1400 yuan / ton, so there is little low price supply in the market. Nickel beans to Shanghai nickel 2005 contract report 600 yuan / ton, domestic nickel beans continue to decline in the near future, the supply is tight, but the demand is relatively light, it is expected that the rising water will gradually weaken.


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