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April 13 SMM aluminum alloy ADC12 price
Apr 13,2020 12:17CST
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SMM April 13: SMM aluminum alloy ADC12 price


ADC12 Price Daily Review:

[weak demand for recycled aluminum is easy to fall but difficult to rise ADC12 transaction prices continue to weaken.] Today, aluminum prices continued last week's rally, continuing to rise 60 yuan / ton to 11790 yuan / ton. Recycled aluminum due to poor downstream demand, almost no follow-up, only a small number of enterprises due to high waste aluminum prices have a small willingness to raise prices, the overall transaction price continues to fall. Specifically, the cash quotation of large recycled aluminum enterprises has been reduced to 13000 yuan / ton, and a small number of extreme prices can be as low as 12900 yuan / ton. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the cash offer was reduced to 12700 yuan / ton, and a small number of extreme transaction prices were as low as 12600 yuan / ton. On the export side, due to weak overseas waste aluminum prices and poor demand, export ADC12 prices continued to fall, with quotations falling to US $1300 / ton and a low of US $1300 / ton. At present, due to the short-term small rebound of aluminum prices in China, waste aluminum holders continue to maintain the selling sentiment, while weak demand makes recycled aluminum prices continue to weaken, which makes the game between buyers and sellers in the waste aluminum market intensified. Some small and medium-sized recycled aluminum has been cut down. However, the publication of Q2 import waste aluminum approval document makes the subsequent low-price import of waste aluminum gradually increase, which may improve the domestic shortage of waste aluminum.


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