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Prevention and control of non-ferrous epidemic situation in Tongling will not be relaxed and resume production as a pioneer
Apr 13,2020 11:27CST
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01 Photo News

The quality inspectors of the enamelled wire branch of Bronze Crown Electrical Company are taking samples. By strengthening the monitoring of the product manufacturing process, strengthening the process discipline management, strictly on-line quality inspection and inspection, and correcting the problems found in time, the enamelled wire branch factory of Tongguan Electrical Company has ensured the quality stability of enamelled wire products, and the finished product rate of enamelled wire has reached 97.35%. (Wang Hongping Huawei)

02 lead in rescue in distress

Bronze Crown Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Responsibility and Endeavour under the epidemic situation

Tongling Nonferrous Copper Crown Building Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the few domestic production of underground filling cementitious new materials of a new enterprise. From the beginning of the epidemic of Xinguan pneumonia, to the period of rampant epidemic, and then to the resumption of work and production, Tongling Nonferrous Bronze Crown Building Materials Company wrote the responsibility of Tongling Nonferrous large State-owned Enterprises with bold courage.

"during the epidemic period, many mines of Tongling Nonferrous Group produced continuously, especially the Tongguan (Lujiang) Mining Company, underground filling continued and new cementitious materials (produced by us) were urgently needed. On the third day of the first month, during the worst of the epidemic, we clenched our teeth, overcome multiple difficulties, and began to go to work. " On April 7, Pei Haoyu, deputy manager of Bronze Crown Building Materials Company, reviewed the course of production and organization since the epidemic, and was still filled with emotion: "I was also afraid at that time." Afraid of uselessness, it is the responsibility to ensure the continuous production of Tongling Nonferrous Mine. "

According to the original plan, Tongling Nonferrous Bronze Crown Building Materials Company Spring Festival holiday in accordance with Anhui Province and Tongling Nonferrous Company arrangements, normal holiday during the Spring Festival. Upstream suppliers of raw materials stopped production and leave as early January. After learning that the Bronze Crown (Lujiang) Mining Company continued to produce during the holiday period and was in urgent need of new cementitious materials for filling, the staff of the Bronze Crown Building Materials Company braved concerns about the epidemic and took care of the epidemic. At the same time, more than 20 employees, from managers to doormen on duty, resolutely went into battle on January 28.

The gypsum powder used to produce new cementitious materials is far away in a county in Maanshan, Anhui Province. The company stopped supplying goods outside the country in early January. After coordination, the other side agreed to work overtime during the Spring Festival, but due to the impact of the epidemic, foreign vehicles can not enter Tongling urban delivery. With the support of the Tongling Economic Development District Government and the Tongling Nonferrous Company, they communicated with each other's local government many times, negotiated with each other's transportation departments, and then coordinated with the Tongling local transportation management departments in all aspects. The way of transportation is that the supplier transports the vehicle-borne raw material gypsum powder to the Tongling Expressway, and then the Tongguan Building Materials Company organizes the vehicle to deliver the goods at the high speed intersection and load it twice with Tongling local vehicles. To the production line port. The seamless docking of "point-to-point" transportation, the huge trouble of the second tumble, the special production organization of more than 50 days, more than 20 employees of Tongling Nonferrous Bronze Crown Building Materials Company have written their loyalty to the enterprise with responsibility.

-when the epidemic is serious, local public transport in Tongling is interrupted and rental vehicles are suspended. Bronze crown building materials company from the leadership, front-line staff, to the logistics of the material resources department, division of pounds, on duty, at the beginning of the third day of the first month, these more than 20 employees rushed from the urban area to the location of the unit located by the river, all more than 12 kilometers away, more than 20 employees can only solve their own commuting to and from work. For more than 50 days, some of the company's employees spent an hour and a half swinging their legs to work, some driving cars, motorcycles to and from work every day, and even more, nine employees rode bicycles more than 10 kilometers to work in the blizzard every day. For more than 50 days, no one rested.

From the end of January to March, 800 tons of new cementitious materials are so produced from the company's production line, from the production workshop of Tongling Building Materials Company to the main mine of Tongling Nonferrous Group Company, which ensures the continuous production of the mine and stabilizes the hearts of the mine. it has also made its own efforts and dedication for the completion of the main products of Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group in the first quarter.

For Tongling Nonferrous Group Company, the main mine production is continuous, is the responsibility, is the responsibility; the dedication to the external market of Tongling Nonferrous Group Company is moral and great help. During the most serious period of the epidemic, Tongguan Building Materials Company received a request from Xinqiao Pyrite, a subsidiary of Tongling Chemical Group Company: the new cementitious materials used for filling in the mine due to the use of foreign enterprise products and the interruption of transportation during the epidemic period, the mine is about to stop production, requesting Tongling Nonferrous Copper Crown Building Materials Company to help produce much-needed cementitious new materials.

"the new cementitious materials can not be produced too much idle, can only be produced in accordance with the production needs of quantitative production, timely use. In addition, the mine nature of Xinqiao Mine is different from that of Tongling Nonferrous Mine, and the ore composition is also large, so it is necessary to temporarily re-make the formula of new cementitious materials for it. " Ding Chengshu, manager of Tongguan Building Materials Company, said that on the basis of the original overtime, he produced an additional 200 tons of special cementitious new materials for Xinqiao Mine every day, and urgently arranged the laboratory to carry out unprecedented experiments on Xinqiao orebody. it has become the most production organization of the company in recent years.

"it has ensured the production of Tongguan Lujiang Mining Company since the whole epidemic, and ensured the continuous production of Xinqiao Mine, which has temporarily asked for help. In addition to responsibility and responsibility, there is also the efficient and good adaptability of Bronze Crown Building Materials Company, and the loyal quality of employees of Tongguan Jianan Building Materials Company without fear of risk, regardless of gain or loss, and selfless dedication." That's what Ding Chengshu said.

As of the beginning of April, Tongling Nonferrous Copper Crown Building Materials Company produced nearly 50, 000 tons of filling cementitious materials urgently needed in the mine, with an output value of more than 20 million yuan, and produced 15000 cubic meters of blocks at the same time. The output of main products is far ahead of similar enterprises in China. (Jiang Jun Gao Ming)

03 copper crown smelting branch

Publication of a national standard involved in the development of a national standard

A few days ago, the group company actively advocated, the copper crown smelting branch participated in the formulation of the national standard "sulfuric acid industry tail gas sulfuric acid fog determination method" (GB/T 38685-2020) officially issued.

The determination of sulfuric acid fog in the tail gas of the original sulfuric acid industry is based on the Ion Chromatography method for the determination of sulfuric acid fog in waste gas from fixed pollution sources (HJ 544-2016). Because this method is compared with the discharge standard of sulfuric acid industry pollutants, the definition of sulfuric acid fog is different in the emission standard and detection method, and the soluble sulfate and sulfur dioxide in the tail gas of sulfuric acid plant treated by an method and sodium method are included in the detection. The detection value of sulfuric acid fog in the tail gas of many sulfuric acid plants generally exceeds the standard. Because of this, several acid making units of the Group Company have experienced the problem of excessive detection of sulfuric acid fog in tail gas in the past two years, which has attracted the attention of relevant leaders and environmental management technicians. Through multi-analysis, search and research, it is found that the determination method adopted by the environmental protection management department brings part of sulfur dioxide in the flue gas into the detection of sulfuric acid fog, which increases the detection value of sulfuric acid fog, and because of the existence of sulfur dioxide, it virtually interferes with the detection of sulfuric acid fog. the test results are also contrary to the original intention of sulfuric acid fog detection, and the sulfuric acid fog determination method adapted to the tail gas conditions of sulfuric acid industry must be modified and formulated.

The technicians of Tongguan smelting Branch, who first raised the objection to the determination method and advocated and participated in the research, have done a lot of work in the demonstration, test and national standard formulation of sulfuric acid fog determination method. In order to modify and formulate the determination method of sulfuric acid fog in sulfuric acid industry tail gas as soon as possible, the technicians not only sampled and analyzed many times, but also took the initiative to participate in the verification of the determination method with the sulfuric acid industry association and related enterprises. it has not only reflected the relevant problems to the national environmental protection management department in time, but also received the attention and demonstration of the national ecological environment department. It is also suggested that relevant research institutes and enterprises should participate in the development of the national standard "determination method of sulfuric acid fog in sulfuric acid industry tail gas".

This standard was implemented on February 1, 2021. After the implementation of the new standard, it will be beneficial to the determination of sulfuric acid fog in the tail gas of sulfuric acid industry enterprises more scientifically and reasonably, and objectively evaluate the sulfuric acid fog emitted from sulfuric acid tail gas. It will also further promote the revision of the determination standard by the environmental protection management department. (Sheng Yabin)

04 A Scientific and technological Achievement in Anqing Copper Mine


"the first prize in science and technology of China's non-ferrous metal industry"

A few days ago, the scientific research project of "filling Materials and Technology Optimization Technology in the Mining process of Deep Metal deposits" in Anqing Copper Mine won the first prize of the 2019 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award jointly issued by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and China Nonferrous Metals Association.

The result of the project is a major technological innovation in the field of deep metal mine filling mining, and the overall technology has reached the international leading level. The project has developed a series of innovative achievements, such as the complete set of high concentration and stable continuous filling technology of tailings based on vertical sand bin, and established the deep metal in Anqing Copper Mine.

Demonstration project of mine filling and mining. It indicates that new breakthroughs have been made in innovation driving strategy and scientific and technological innovation in Anqing Copper Mine. (see Yang Qinhua)

05 Photo News

Jinlong Copper Company single disk casting is in full swing production. The company has tapped the potential of all parties, stepped up efforts to promote smelting production, and strive to recover the losses caused by the epidemic. In the key anode plate production process, the company not only ensures the normal casting of the double disc, but also makes full use of the mobile standby function of the single disc to realize the continuous casting and ensure the stable output of the copper anode plate. Since the resumption of production, Jinlong Copper Company has produced more than 1000 tons of anode plates per day. (Zhang Qing)

06 Golden Crown Copper Branch and Hefei Venus Mechanical and Electrical Technology

Establishment of "Joint creation Center"

On April 8, the Golden Crown Copper Branch and Hefei Venus Mechanical and Electrical Technology Development Co., Ltd. held the inauguration ceremony and the first high-level regular meeting of the "Golden Crown Copper-Venus Mechanical and Electrical Nonferrous Metallurgy key Technology Development and Application Joint Innovation Center" in the company and Hefei Venus Mechanical and Electrical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Following the cooperation concept of "joint discussion and common construction, openness and inclusiveness, and common development", the two sides will take the "joint creation center" as a new window for bilateral cooperation and, on the premise of long-term sustainable development, help each other to develop to high quality in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy and the construction of intelligent factories, so as to realize the win-win aspirations of both sides. The first high-level meeting of the "Joint creation Center" reached a consensus on the division of labor, direction, management, attribution of results, and other important contents of the relevant work of the center. (Jin Yue)

07 Tianma Mountain Mining Co., Ltd.

The Party Committee makes good use of "small integral" to stimulate "Great vigor"

"whether the party members are advanced or not, the score is in charge." A few days ago, Tianma Mountain Mining Company implemented the "points system" management among all party members, using points to record the changes of party members, measure the role of party members, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of party members, so that the broad masses of party members have responsibilities, strive for the first place, have a yardstick in behavior, and have a basis for assessment. We will actively use the "small points" of party members to stimulate the "great vitality" of party building.

Quantitative indicators, more standardized management. The party committee of the company formulated and promulgated the detailed rules for the Management and implementation of the points system for Party members of Tianma Mountain Mining Company, which is regarded as an important carrier for the implementation of the scheme. Adhering to the comprehensive and comprehensive evaluation of party members, the points of party members are composed of 21 items in four parts: the performance of post duties, the performance of party members' obligations and rights, the additional items and the veto items. The first two items each constitute a basic score of 100 points; for party members who exceed their annual goals and tasks, make major contributions, participate in public welfare undertakings, and carry out voluntary service, there will be corresponding bonus points; if a party member violates the party's "six major disciplines" and state laws and regulations, and refuses to implement the party's organizational decisions, after verification by the organization, a veto shall be implemented, and the points shall be zero, and organizational treatment shall be made at the same time. Through itemized points, let party members find the gap in the number of points, encourage party members to narrow the gap through "earning points" and "points", mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of party members to participate in work, and enhance the maneuverability of party member management.

Comprehensive evaluation, scientific and efficient assessment. The party member points system management is to take the party branch as the unit to carry on the integral registration. Adopt the "negative list" reverse deduction points system to carry out the scoring system. Make "Party member points account" for each Party member and record the basic information and points of Party members in detail. The implementation of timely registration, monthly initial evaluation, quarterly assessment publicity, annual summary and publicity for the record, so that each party member can know his own points at any time, so that the activities and contributions made by party members are reflected in the points, the assessment grade is determined by quantitative points, and the single evaluation method of democratic evaluation in the past is solved by means of accumulative points and public drying. It earnestly embodies the regular requirements of the education and management of party members.

Strengthen the use and stimulate the vitality of party building. The party committee of the company set up the guidance of "positive incentive and reverse punishment". The total points of party members were weighted at the end of the year, and the assessment results were ranked according to the score, and the compulsory distribution was carried out. In principle, if the annual score of a party member is 90 points or more, it can be assessed as "excellent", if the annual score is 70 to 89 points, it can be assessed as "qualified", and the rest can be assessed as "improvement". The results of the assessment are linked to the recommendation of inner-party commendation, the evaluation of excellence, the adjustment of work posts and posts, and the conversion of probationary party members, and at the same time linked to the performance appraisal of party members. The good, bad, and how much party members play their role, they all use facts and numbers to turn "perceptual" evaluation into "rational" evaluation, forming an atmosphere of comparative study, service, and dedication among party members, which not only strengthens the party members' awareness of "raising points and striving to be a pioneer," but also forms a good situation of helping each other and competing with each other. (Zhu Yan)

08 copper crown mine construction co., Ltd.

Project Department of Wulan Mine in Mongolia got off to a good start in the first quarter

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the grim situation of the domestic epidemic outbreak, the project department of Mongolia Wulan Mine of Tongguan Mining Construction Company has deployed ahead of schedule, adhering to both epidemic prevention and control and safe production. In the first quarter, more than 15000 cubic meters of tunneling and more than 260000 tons of ore supply were completed. 28000 meters of medium (deep) hole drilling exceeded the planned tasks, and the three production indicators all reached an all-time high in the first quarter, especially the ore supply of more than 90,000 tons in February. Wulan Mine, the highest monthly record since its inception, has been highly praised by the owners.

Mongolia is located in the cold region, the first quarter of each year is the coldest and most difficult period of production, but also coincides with the outbreak of Xinguan pneumonia, the Chinese vacation personnel can not return to their posts normally, the supply of production and living materials is insufficient, in the face of such a grim situation, the project department takes the initiative not to rely on it, grasp epidemic prevention on the one hand, and promote production on the other to ensure the normal progress of safe production.

During the Spring Festival, due to the survey technicians returned to China on vacation, affected by the epidemic can not return to the post in time, the project site there are no survey technicians, only mining and geology two technicians, are young college students. Mongolia has almost no surveying personnel with underground surveying experience. In order to ensure the construction quality and specifications of underground roadways, the project department actively contacted a local surveying company and stationed three Mongolian surveying technicians to the scene. While doing their own work well, two young college students in the project department also became surveying technicians and quality inspectors, overcoming difficulties in language communication and cross-disciplinary problems. Actively consult and discuss with domestic surveyors, and constantly discuss and communicate with Mongolian surveyors, and successfully completed the survey and discharge of 12 head-on center lines and waist lines, as well as the measurement of rock drilling chamber and mining chamber, which met the production needs of tunneling and mining, and ensured the specification quality of underground tunneling construction and the orderly connection of production. (Zeng Honglin Yan Zhongwen)

09 copper crown copper foil co., Ltd.

Shipments increased 17.7% in March from a year earlier

During the epidemic period, copper crown copper foil company strengthened customer communication, customer demand-oriented, provide high-quality products and services, and strive to improve customer satisfaction, after the full resumption of work and production, shipments in March increased by 17.7% compared with the same period last year.

Due to the limitation of offline delivery mode and the hindrance of logistics in the first quarter, and the tightening of market purchasing volume, in order to further open up the market, copper crown copper foil continues to strengthen the strategy of major customers, adopt the way of arranging one-to-one communication with major customers, timely understand customer needs, and according to customer feedback, production and logistics actively cooperate, design special delivery programs during the epidemic, and provide personalized services for different customers.

Affected by the inconvenience of the epidemic, the copper crown copper foil company takes the initiative to take the video, the telephone and so on the long-distance exchange way, on the one hand timely communicates with the customer, relieves the confusion for the customer, satisfies the customer individualized information demand, on the other hand actively seeks the upstream and downstream resources channel, grasps the customer to return to work the situation.

"at present, what customers need most is a reasonable choice after a full understanding of our actual situation. Our honesty has won the trust of our customers. Through the cooperation of production, technology, market management and other departments, consensus has been reached in product variety adjustment, sales logistics arrangement, production area layout optimization and so on." Chu Lei, deputy minister of commerce of the company, told the author.

In view of the technical requirements pointed out by customers, the company has also organized a special research team to vigorously carry out experimental exploration and provide improvement programs to meet customer requirements. In March, following the stable supply of inverted copper foil for 5G communications in Hefei workshop, Chizhou workshop also achieved a small batch supply, which made another solid step in ensuring that the company quickly occupied the 5G communications market. (he Liang Li Chenxing)

10 Photo News

Employees at Jinwei Copper are cleaning up the WSP650 air cushion annealing furnace. In order to further improve the surface quality of plate and strip, the company shut down the WSP650 air cushion annealing furnace a few days ago, and carefully cleaned and cleaned the dust, copper powder, copper dust and other residues in the furnace and condenser to ensure the quality of high-end products. (Wang Hongping, Huang Junping)

11 Dongguashan Copper Mine

Carry out the maintenance of equipment in the middle of the year

Over the past few days, a tense and busy mid-year equipment maintenance work has been carried out in Dongguashan Copper Mine. More than 1,000 workers are busy at the surface and underground repair sites. Hundreds of maintenance tasks will be completed, such as the repair of large gears with semi-self-grinding, the overhaul of some flotation machines, the replacement of the head rope of the main shaft, and the electrical protection tests of 110 kV total drop, surface and underground high-voltage equipment. Since the beginning of this year, on the one hand, the mine has overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic situation, and on the other hand, it has scientifically organized safe production to ensure the orderly progress of mine production. On March 26, in the process of overhauling the semi-self-grinding in the mineral processing workshop of the mine, it was found that due to the serious wear and tear of the large gear ring of the equipment, part of the gear fell off and must be repaired in time. After research, the mine decided to stop production and carry out mid-year equipment maintenance work to ensure that there is a good equipment condition for annual production. From March 30 to April 13, the mine plans to overhaul for 15 days. In order to ensure safety, quality, duration and project to complete the inspection and repair tasks in an all-round way, the mine has set up a leading group for inspection and repair, which consists of three functional groups: safety inspector, quality technology and logistics support, and formulated a series of measures such as mid-year maintenance safety regulations to make all preparations for maintenance ready. At present, the main maintenance units of the whole mine are carrying out various maintenance projects in a safe and orderly manner. (Tang Jing)

Quality Management of strengthened Zinc Alloy in 12 Copper Crown Chizhou Co., Ltd.

The output of zinc alloy in Tongguan Chizhou Company reached 4784.5 tons in March, a new high in a single month. While increasing production capacity, the company improved product quality standards, strictly controlled the production process, and strengthened product quality management. The company takes the quality standardization management as the starting point, strengthens the process management, establishes the brand consciousness, and promotes the alloy production to proceed smoothly. The zinc branch plant takes the quality control of the whole production process as a breakthrough, starts from the source of electrolysis, and formulates the operational regulations for the elimination of oil pollution in electrolyte, cell surface management and electrolyte control, so as to reduce the production of particles on the surface of zinc sheet, keep the zinc sheet smooth, reduce and control the influence of impurities such as lead and copper in zinc sheet on the alloy, and provide a high quality basis for the quality of the alloy. In the WeChat Group of "Alloy Technology", the alloy production line issues the labor organization and production management index every day, from the mobilization arrangement before the shift to the inspection in the shift, controls the batching mix of each furnace to form the operation instruction list, standardizes each step of operation, controls the scope of each index, and keeps the production situation stable and the product quality controlled in detail. (Zhai Jianjun Tang Gao)

13 Photo News

In the past month, in order to ensure the production needs of the enterprise after the resumption of work, the laboratory of Bronze Crown Building Materials Company has conscientiously done experiments, recorded and analyzed each group of data before and after mass production to ensure the quality of the products. The picture shows an elaborate experiment by the company's laboratory staff on April 6. (Zhu Yanming Jiang Jun)

14 Yueshan mining co., Ltd.

Active on-the-job military training activities in Mineral processing Workshop

Since the beginning of this year, the mineral processing workshop of Yueshan Mining Company has actively carried out on-the-job military training activities, focusing on improving the technical indicators of mineral processing, fully arousing the enthusiasm, creativity, and initiative of the workers in the grinding and floatation section, stimulating endogenous motivation, and improving economic benefits. ensure that the recovery rate meets the target issued by the group company. Based on the post, pay attention to the actual effect. The workshop takes "based on the post, practical, teaching because of the post, paying attention to the actual effect" as the basic requirements, and takes a variety of effective measures to closely integrate the military training activities with the actual work. Military training assessment to improve efficiency. Hold the mineral processing theory knowledge closed examination, at the same time, take the actual operation examination as the means, increase the communication of each process, and further improve the work efficiency and product quality. Through the development of on-the-job military training activities, the working ability and overall quality of staff and workers have been greatly improved. The company's copper recovery rate remained at around 97 per cent in the first quarter. (Chen Xingxin, Wang Xuehai)

15. Party Branch of the Economic and Trade Service Department of the Mineral Resources Center

Carry out the "five one" special activities

"I volunteered to join the Communist Party of China, supported the Party's program, abided by the Party's constitution, and fulfilled the obligations of the Party members." Under the bright red party flag and in front of the solemn martyr tower, the party members clasped their right hand, solemnly swore, expressed their sincere respect for the revolutionary martyrs, and firmly believed in fighting for the cause of the party for the rest of their lives. On the morning of April 8, one of the special activities of the Economic and Trade Party Branch of the Mineral Resources Center to study and implement the regulations on Grass-roots organizations of State-owned Enterprises of the Communist Party of China (for trial implementation) (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) is under way. On the morning of the same day, the branch also held a special written discussion on the study of the regulations. In addition, the Economic and Trade Branch launched a special study on 1 April to guide party members to conscientiously understand the spirit of the regulations and fully understand the significance of studying the regulations. Later, the party branch will divide the areas of responsibility of party members and activists, implement areas of responsibility claimed by party members and activists, include areas of responsibility, and organize daily cleaning of areas of responsibility. (sa Bailing and Yuan Zihong)

16 Photo News

Recently, the Tongguan (Lujiang) Mining Company organized maintenance personnel to install dustfall pipes in the underground mining stope. By optimizing the spray dust reduction system of stope face, the dust concentration in mining face is greatly reduced and the working environment is improved. (Liu Xiang Wu Yu)

17 Party Committee of Power Plant

Implement the three "do not relax" in the study of the regulations

Recently, the Party Committee of the Power Plant has made arrangements for studying and implementing the spirit of the regulations on the work of Grass-roots organizations in State-owned Enterprises of the Communist Party of China (hereinafter referred to as the "regulations"), and implemented the three "do not relax." We will not relax in implementing the principle of "learning one step first and learning deeper" among leading cadres. Through the enlarged meeting of the central group of theoretical study of the party committee, the party committee of the factory has thoroughly studied the great significance of the "regulations" and the main spirit of the regulations. We will not relax in implementing the full coverage of Party members' study. All party branches are required to quickly carry out study and strengthen exchanges through various forms, such as "three meetings and one lesson," thematic party days, special party lessons, and so on. The implementation of serious self-examination of the standard will not be relaxed. The party committee of the factory aims at the "regulations" by means of regular meetings on party building work and standardized construction of grass-roots party organizations, so as to examine and correct the problems found in a timely manner, so as to promote the further integration of party building work with the production and operation of enterprises. (Dong Ling)

18 Tongshan Copper Mine Branch

Carry out comprehensive safety inspection in the first quarter

From April 8 to 9, Tongshan Copper Mine Branch carried out a two-day lean management of safety and environmental protection 5S and special inspection for flood control and flood control in the first quarter to effectively solve the unsafe factors in the process of safety production and ensure the stability of mine safety and environmental protection production situation. The company has specially set up six inspection groups for underground, surface and comprehensive data to carry out a large-scale inspection of the safety and environmental protection work of the mine during the period of resumption of production after the festival and the current work situation of safety and environmental protection. This large-scale inspection detailed inspection tasks, clear inspection items and contents, on-site inspection combined with data inspection, the formation of closed-loop inspection mode to ensure the effectiveness of inspection, safety has been improved. (Zhang Xia)

19 Photo News

The third day of Ching Ming Festival short holiday, Tianjing Lake scenic spot cherry blossoms in full bloom, peony, Ziteng flowers, camellias and other flowers dark fragrance, to the public and surrounding tourists to bring the feeling of spring. It is reported that the Tianjing Lake scenic spot has more than 10,000 tourists every day during the three-day short holiday (pictured). (Yin Xiuwu)







Non-ferrous Jianan steel structure co., Ltd.

Carry out on-the-spot fire fighting exercises

On April 8, Nonferrous Jianan Steel structure Company carried out an on-the-spot fire fighting exercise, more than 60 staff and workers participated in the exercise. The activities are divided into two links: fire safety knowledge training and on-the-spot exercise. This activity has further improved the employees' awareness of fire safety, emergency response capacity and handling level of production safety accidents. (Chen Xiao and Li Xiaohui)







Organization of the Accounting Department of Jinlong Copper Co., Ltd.

Carry out the "Competition on the Protection of the Rights and interests of female staff and Workers"

A few days ago, in order to popularize the knowledge of laws and regulations on labor protection for women workers and promote the implementation of laws and regulations on the protection of the rights and interests of women workers, the Anhui Federation of Trade unions organized and carried out a campaign to "safeguard the rights and interests of women workers." Through the participation of all female workers in the organization department of the Finance and Planning Department of Jinlong Copper Company, the participation of this activity has further improved the awareness of laws and regulations such as the Law on the Protection of Women's Rights and interests, the Labor Law, and the Special provisions on the Labor Protection of female Workers, and enhanced the legal awareness of female workers and their ability to safeguard their rights on their own. (Li Huiyun)

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