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Bismuth market price falls seller speeds up shipment-SMM bismuth spot weekly report (2020.4.7-2020.4.10)
Apr 10,2020 11:40CST
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SMM, 10 April:

Market review: bismuth prices continue to fall this week, due to the current foreign epidemic is still serious resulting in a significant reduction in the negative impact of overseas orders, market trading volume compared with the previous period has not significantly improved. Coupled with market concerns, suppliers have accelerated efforts to cut prices. For example, this week some bismuth plants in the current shipment difficulties, can only try not to leave inventory, speed up the flow of finished products to the market, reduce inventory pressure at the same time, recover money to buy cheap raw materials. By the end of this week, the mainstream price of SMM bismuth ingots was 33000-34000 yuan / ton, down 1000 yuan / ton compared with last week. According to the grapevine, there are already a small number of resources less than 33000 yuan / ton in the market, and the resources at such prices are expected to continue to increase gradually.

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At present, the consumer side of bismuth ingots, some downstream buyers of wait-and-see sentiment is also quite heavy, and even according to market participants, many downstream inventory is still more adequate, so even if the purchase, the price is also lower. According to market participants, at present, the stock of some middlemen is in the scale of 100 tons. Although these resources have not yet poured into the market for sale, this will also have a certain potential impact on the future price trend of the market. It is expected that market prices will likely appear at a new low next week.


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