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Indium market price stable trading volume did not improve-SMM indium spot weekly report (2020.4.7-2020.4.10)
Apr 10,2020 11:25CST
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SMM April 10: this week indium market prices continue to be stable, calm, the market transaction situation is still dull, compared with last week, there is no significant improvement, due to the impact of pessimistic consumer expectations at home and abroad, domestic buyers have also basically entered a wait-and-see state, although the overall still inquiry, but the number of transactions compared with the previous period has not significantly improved. From the seller's point of view, the seller's high price behavior also continues, but most of the prices that can be concluded are concentrated in the low level of the price range. By the end of this week, the price of SMM refined indium is 930-960 yuan / kg, the average price has not changed compared with last week. Judging from the trading situation of the week, there have also been transactions of less than 930 yuan / kg in the market, but at present it is not mainstream, but some market participants say that if the desolation of trading continues for another period of time, the fall in indium prices is likely to occur.

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Crude indium market still follows the performance of refined indium market, crude indium seller's quotation is still strong, but the trading situation is also light. From the point of view of market participants, the buying interest of terminal buyers in domestic and foreign markets is still relatively weak. If buyers and sellers continue to enter a stalemate, the terminal, that is, the buyer can continue to produce by digesting inventory, but it is difficult to say how long the seller can stick to the price. It is expected that the price of indium will be stable next week, but it will still face the test.


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