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[SMM Thread] 9 spot high walk around the spot market rose
Apr 9,2020 20:12CST
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Today, the snail climbed all the way, spot quotation opened up, in the afternoon to catch up again, all over the increase of 10-40 yuan. In terms of transactions, boosted by the disk, the overall trading condition is good, after the rise, there are still transactions. In terms of mentality, businesses mainly go to the warehouse, and some of them are still bearish on the future. Specifically, [Hangzhou]: the opening of mainstream thread resources was driven by futures up 10-30 yuan, and Shagang reported 3490-3510 yuan per ton. In the afternoon, the market sentiment was encouraged, the offer was raised again by 10-20 yuan / ton, Shagang reported 3510-3520 yuan / ton, Zhongtian 34803490 yuan / ton, disk snail Zhongtian report to 36403680 yuan / ton, the terminal demand was steadily released, the transaction was good, and there was a high price. [Shanghai]: the price of threaded sand steel resources in the morning plate was slightly increased, and it rose again in the afternoon, rising 20-30 yuan throughout the day, 3440-3460 yuan per ton for thread sand steel and 3600-3610 yuan per ton for disk screw sand steel. The transaction feedback is better, the terminal occupies is more stable, with yesterday's difference is not big. [Beijing]: thread up 10 yuan / ton, river steel quoted to 3400 yuan / ton, disk snail up 10-20 yuan / ton, river steel resources quoted to 3640 yuan / ton. The transaction is generally general, basically the same as yesterday. [Guangzhou]: today's building materials quotation is relatively stable, thread cold steel reported 36503660 yuan / ton, disk snail Wan steel 36503660 yuan / ton, with the disk continued to strengthen, trading sentiment is more enthusiastic, all-day transaction general preference, some businesses are still cautious to go to the warehouse.

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