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[SMM data] significant increase in Electrolytic Manganese production in April overseas orders are weak and Manganese Price increases are limited
Apr 9,2020 18:35CST
Significant increase in electrolytic manganese production in April overseas orders are weak and manganese price increases are limited
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According to SMM, at the beginning of April, the spot price of electrolytic manganese in the mainstream of manganese triangle in China was basically concentrated at about 10300 yuan / ton, the spot quotation in Guangxi was 10300-10500 yuan / ton, and the quotation of FOB electrolytic manganese in China was basically maintained at about 1500 US dollars / ton. In the first week after the festival and before the festival, the quotation in the domestic electrolytic manganese market was basically stable. According to some market operators, although a small number of high-quality retail spot ex-factory prices were quoted at 10500 yuan / ton, it was difficult for downstream businesses to accept high-priced purchases. The final transaction price was mainly discussed around 10300-10400 yuan / ton.

At present, most manganese factories are still reluctant to sell goods in the market, and some manganese factories are unwilling to sell at lower prices, but there is no shortage of low market prices in the vicinity of 10100,10200 yuan / ton. Before and after the festival, during the bidding period of domestic and foreign steel mills in April, the bidding price range of electrolytic manganese sheet is 10500-11260 yuan / ton, most of which are priced at more than 11000 yuan / ton in the north and part of the south. However, the bidding pricing of individual southern steel mills is significantly lower than the average price of steel, which also makes many other buyers in the market thus homeopathic pressure prices. According to SMM, most domestic manganese plants said that the lowest price tender will not be high, but also expressed concern about the weakening of the development of manganese prices in the later stage.

According to SMM, the main factor limiting the rise in manganese prices is that the total daily output of electrolytic manganese in the domestic market has only increased or not decreased, and the total daily supply of electrolytic manganese in the country has been close to 4000 tons as of Thursday. In addition, manufacturers who have previously mined more manganese for steel production have slightly increased the purchase volume of electrolytic manganese due to the increase in production costs, resulting in the lack of spot and quotation for single production in some manganese plants. On the other hand, steel mills in most overseas countries (Brazil, India, Germany, Japan and the United States, etc.) have been seriously affected by the epidemic and have announced cuts in production and suspension of production. As a result, a reduction in imports of manganese products in April is also foreseeable. Many foreign traders have also indicated that although they also have overseas enquiries, they have not confirmed their purchases.

In April, the market price of 200 series stainless steel continued to fall slightly in Sipho, and many 200 series traders said that they needed to purchase mainly downstream, and the effect of going to the warehouse was not obvious. They thought that it was difficult to close a deal in 201 market, but if the price did not fall, there would be no deal. Therefore, it is expected that the 200 series steel price in April may continue to be weak in the short term, and the low price will mainly go to the warehouse.


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