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[arbitrage training] Black experts impart practical experience to Scientific transactions to achieve profit growth
Apr 9,2020 14:16CST
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In 2020, the sudden new crown epidemic disrupted the rhythm of the entire financial market, from multiple meltdowns in US stocks to record lows in crude oil prices to multiple falls in nonferrous and chemical commodities. In the past month or two, investors and 89-year-old Warren Buffett have witnessed history together. In other varieties of sharp decline at the same time, black goods performance is relatively strong, the future "threaded gold" and "diamond mine" will step down the altar or deduce the strong Hengqiang? How to select a good trading target through the combination of information, technology and fundamentals, and control the capital position through scientific trading methods to achieve account profit growth?

At the request of customers, SMM specially invited Mr. Zou Youchang, an urn expert in black research, and a number of senior analysts from SMM to create a series of black boutique training courses for you. Face to face from the basic knowledge of the industry to the practical level of how to get rid of inertia thinking, build a research framework, establish a trading system, learn the boss in the face of complex market judgment accurate logic, so that your trading road is no longer confused. Come on, let's meet in SMM class!

SMM "current combination" training class

The boss is coming, seize the opportunity

Course Information and time arrangement

SMM attends the meeting with tips:

Training fee: early bird price 12800 / person (sign up before February 1)

14800 / person (sign up after February 1), travel and accommodation

Recipient: Shanghai Nonferrous Network Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Bank: Pudong Development Bank Airplane Branch

Bank account number: 079690-97550154740000683

Bank No.: 310290097559

Registration contact:

SMM Iron and Steel Division: Lu Qingping

Tel: 021-51595781 / 187-1777-4590

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