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April 9 SMM aluminum alloy ADC12 price
Apr 9,2020 12:10CST
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SMM April 9: SMM aluminum alloy ADC12 price


ADC12 Price Daily Review:

[aluminum prices have stabilized for the time being] the recycled aluminum industry is facing a double whammy of supply and demand in April. Today's A00 aluminum price rose slightly by 40 yuan / ton, aluminum ingot inventory dropped by 69000 tons in today's society, and recent low buying and hoarding behavior has increased significantly, especially in Guangdong. Without improved orders to support its sustainability, it is still difficult to last for a long time. The overall price of recycled aluminum has stabilized, some small and medium-sized recycled aluminum enterprises have stopped production or ready to stop production due to the lack of waste aluminum, the game between buyers and sellers of waste aluminum has intensified, the market circulation is almost only a small number of long orders, and because of low aluminum prices and poor consumption of recycled aluminum, both sides face a lot of losses, and the current liquidity of waste aluminum market is very poor. The specific price for large recycled aluminum enterprises to maintain 13000 yuan / ton, small and medium-sized enterprises cash quotation to maintain 12800 yuan / ton. On the export side, due to the poor overall demand of Japan and South Korea, the export price maintained 1320 US dollars / ton, and the transaction was still poor. In April, the recycled aluminum industry was faced with the double blow of insufficient supply of waste aluminum to raise costs and lower downstream demand to depress the selling price. Under the current game, some recycled aluminum enterprises have to stop production and look for materials, and waste aluminum recyclers also greatly increase labor costs because of the poor liquidity of waste aluminum.


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