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Daily Review of waste Aluminum Price on April 8, 2020
Apr 8,2020 12:17CST
Daily Review of waste Aluminum Price on April 8, 2020
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Today's A00 aluminum prices fell slightly 70 yuan / ton, today A00 aluminum prices fell 70 yuan / ton, yesterday aluminum ingot inventory weekly decline of more than 40,000 tons, most of the downstream enterprises copy the bottom and recycled aluminum enterprises to increase the proportion of A00 aluminum addition, did not form a support for aluminum prices, but the market for aluminum downstream orders appeared some concern. However, the current small fluctuations in aluminum prices do not have a significant impact on the waste aluminum market. Because waste aluminum recyclers generally start relatively late, most of them have high-priced inventory before the Spring Festival, and the current low price is less willing to ship, so they continue to cherish the state of selling. Part of the raw aluminum is due to the recent rise in aluminum prices, but slightly higher. The waste aluminum market continues to maintain poor liquidity. As for the import of waste aluminum, the Q2 batch has not yet been published, and due to the actual import of overseas epidemic problems is also very small, the current import of waste aluminum is still in a state of shutdown.

(Shanghai Nonferrous Network Yi Liang)

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