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April 7 SMM aluminum alloy ADC12 price
Apr 7,2020 11:47CST
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SMM April 7: SMM aluminum alloy ADC12 price


ADC12 Price Daily Review:

[macro small warming aluminum prices continue to repair ADC12/A00 aluminum prices continue to narrow] today's A00 aluminum prices rose slightly by 50 yuan / ton, mainly due to the continued improvement of overseas macro sentiment and the overall rise in the benchmark price of non-ferrous metals. First, the number of new confirmed cases in areas with concentrated outbreaks overseas has decreased continuously over the weekend. Trump spoke out that the epidemic in the United States has been brought under control. Second, OPEC and Russia are in talks on a production reduction agreement, but their meeting has been postponed to Thursday. Due to the general bearish consumption in April, the recycled aluminum industry has no willingness to raise prices today, and the price of a small factory has even dropped slightly as a result of a quotation of 13000 yuan per ton in Jiangxi. The specific price for large recycled aluminum enterprises to maintain 13000 yuan / ton, small and medium-sized enterprises cash quotation reduced by 100 yuan / ton to 12800 yuan / ton. On the export side, due to the poor overall demand of Japan and South Korea, the export price fell to 1320 US dollars / ton, down to 300 US dollars / ton before the Spring Festival. At present, the difference between ADC12 price and A00 aluminum price is reduced to 11001750 yuan / ton, and it is expected that the limit price difference will reach 9001500 yuan / tonne. The limit price difference is mainly due to the poor order and the low price. At present, due to the general addition of A00 aluminum to recycled aluminum enterprises, its price is related to the price of A00 aluminum. According to the general addition of about 30%, when the aluminum price changes by more than 200 yuan / ton, the ADC12 price is expected to have a corresponding change of 50 yuan / ton.


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