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April 3 scrap copper spot trading daily review: scrap copper supply shortage or high price, downstream prefer to use electrolytic copper
Apr 3,2020 17:43CST
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SMM, April 3: Shanghai electrolytic copper spot contract today rose 120 yuan / ton ~ 150 yuan / ton, Pingshui copper transaction price 39680 yuan / ton ~ 39780 yuan / ton, Shengshui copper transaction price 39690 yuan / ton ~ 39800 yuan / ton. Shanghai copper center of gravity moved up to 39600 yuan / ton above, the holder quotation continues yesterday's trend unchanged, the morning quotation in the water 130 ~ 150 yuan / ton, copper price rebound market stop and see, the holder is still standing in the rising water 130 yuan / ton, supply and demand both sides stalemate. The second section trading stage, the overall transaction is cautious and weak, the holder has the exchange intention volunteer to adjust the quotation actively, the flat water copper quotation rises the water 120 yuan / ton transaction improvement, the good copper quotation is as low as 130 yuan / ton, the transaction initiative is not as good as the flat water copper, the wet copper continues to follow the market to do the adjustment in the rising water 80 ~ 100 yuan / ton range. Copper futures although a brief rebound, but the market is still cautious, the downstream to maintain just need, the market transaction more wait and see, Qingming three days holiday coming, the market cautious stalemate characteristics, the overall activity is low risk aversion strong.

Guangdong Guang Guangliang copper quoted 37100 yuan / ton ~ 37400 yuan / ton, up 400 yuan from yesterday, the price difference between fine waste is-100yuan / ton, the ticket point is 6.5%. Copper prices rose sharply today, some businesses covered goods to slow down the mood, profit-taking, but the previous loss of inventory released or less, supply will continue to outstrip demand for some time. In the case of high scrap copper price, the cost is not cost-effective or the supply is difficult to find, both brass enterprises and scrap copper rod enterprises have the tendency to use electrolytic copper as raw material instead.

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