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Yantai launches a subsidy of 2000 yuan per car for the purchase of "Yantai made" models since April
Apr 3,2020 13:16CST
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SMM News: millions of cash subsidies to help benefit the people first! Yantai Development Zone Management Committee to promote consumption, boost the service industry policy introduced! Starting from April 1, all local models produced at SAIC GM Dongyue Base have been purchased at designated dealers and licensed in Yantai City, giving citizens a one-time car purchase subsidy of 2000 yuan, with a total subsidy amount of 1 million yuan. This is one of the hard nuclear measures to boost the service industry and reduce the impact of the epidemic.

Special policies were introduced in special periods. Yantai citizens who go to designated dealers to buy models produced by SAIC GM Dongyue Motor Co., Ltd. can enjoy this gift. "Yantai made" models refer to Buick Unkoway, Buick Unkora GX, Buick New Keyue; Chevrolet creation, Chevrolet Warlando, Chevrolet New Cowers. Members of the public can go to West Shanghai Shenda, Huayang Chase, Juntong Huada, Juntong Meida 4 car sales Co., Ltd., the first 500 vehicles have the opportunity to enjoy government subsidies.

Specific declaration process: the first step, the buyer to the designated dealer to buy the vehicle, according to the final sales price to open the piao payment. Second, after the vehicle is licensed in Yantai City, the buyer goes to the dealer to retain the identity certificate, the shi certificate, the motor vehicle boarding ji certificate, the sale of piao and other certification materials, and then to the designated dealer to receive 2000 yuan in government car purchase subsidies.

On 27 March, the Yantai Development Zone and the Yantai District of the Free Trade Zone announced that next month they will launch five major actions, namely, "Global consumption season," Night enjoy octagonal Bay, "Yeda Youpinhui," Changyou Golden Beach, "and" Free Trade experience Bank, "which specifically include 15 new policies to promote consumption and boost the service industry. The government's subsidy of 2000 yuan per car for "Yantai made" models is the first to be subsidized by the government for the purchase of cars.

Businesses give gift envelopes and the government gives red envelopes. Within 100 days from 1 April, Yantai Development Zone will launch various policies and activities to stimulate the resumption of development of the tertiary industry in order to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the economy.

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