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Daily Review of waste Aluminum Price on April 2, 2020
Apr 2,2020 12:22CST
Daily Review of waste Aluminum Price on April 1, 2020
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Aluminum prices fell 220 yuan / ton today, according to recent lows of only 100 yuan / ton. At present, recycled aluminum enterprises are generally bearish on the April market, waste aluminum holders' willingness to ship is still relatively low, the two sides are still in the game stage, but because recycled aluminum enterprises have recently purchased A00 aluminum to add, but before some conventional waste aluminum procurement intention is low, some poor quality high zinc waste aluminum performance-to-price ratio is more accepted by the market. With regard to the import of waste aluminum, due to the expansion of the impact of the overseas epidemic, there are still almost no transactions. At present, the fluidity of waste aluminum is still poor.

(Shanghai Nonferrous Network Yi Liang)

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