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Daily Review of Silicon and Manganese Market on April 2, 2020
Apr 2,2020 11:32CST
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April 2, today's silicon manganese spot quotation and with the maintenance of 6500-6700 yuan / ton, manufacturers cherish the sales mood is still strong, only a small amount of shipment, in the steel move has not been settled before a large number of shipments, at the same time, many manufacturers expect that in April the northern mainstream steel mill bid price will remain above 7000 yuan / ton, the loss in March low price will be compensatory price this month, the current high mine price will also make alloy mills unwilling to accept low price; In the aspect of manganese ore, there are signs of improvement in market circulation, but the price has not changed significantly, but it is worth noting that some upstream manufacturers have said that the lowest friendship price of semi-carbonic acid in South Africa has reached 45 yuan per tonnage. Although the trading volume is small, but in the gradual opening of the manganese ore market, people guess.

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