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Daily Review of Silicon and Manganese Market on April 1, 2020
Apr 1,2020 11:06CST
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On April 1, the first day of April cooled down the soaring market of manganese mines in March. For two days in a row, large shipments of alloys and some manganese ore traders began to ship in order to invigorate last year's overstocked inventories. The overall market's expectations of a continued rise in the short-term market have dropped somewhat. Today, the high spot quotation of silicon and manganese in the north has been significantly reduced, and the quotation of alloy traders has also returned to around 6500 yuan / ton. Although the southern alloy traders did not reduce the price, but the price is only stable at 6700 yuan / ton; Steel recruitment waiting for further response from the market, in the market supply is still strong and continue to ship the state, SMM predicted that the northern steel recruitment in April may be around 6600-6700 yuan / ton.

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