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Today's nickel market (10.31) discount continued to expand at the end of the month, there was almost no transaction of pure nickel.
Oct 31,2019 14:04CST
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[31 October SMM Nickel Product Price]

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[31 October SMM Nickel Market Trends]

Electrolytic nickel

Spot: on October 31, Russia nickel than Shanghai nickel 1911 discount 1911 to discount 500, Jinchuan nickel than Shanghai nickel 1911 contract generally discount 1911 to 300 yuan / ton, discount continues to expand compared with yesterday. First, because the Shanghai Nickel 1911 and Shanghai Nickel 1912 contracts are still upside down at 3000 yuan / ton, the holders have postponed the backward movement of the contract one after another, and try to point the goods on the Shanghai Nickel contract 1911. However, at the end of the month, the market trading was very bleak, only a small number of transactions were completed, and the holders cut down the rising water delivery one after another. in the morning inquiry stage, there were basically no transactions, and some of the holders continued to lower the discount level to stimulate spot transactions, but the effect was very small. The ex-factory price of Jinchuan Company is 136500 yuan / ton, 900 yuan / ton higher than yesterday.

[ex-factory price of Jinchuan Company] on October 31, Jinchuan Company quoted 136500 yuan / ton for electrolytic nickel (big board) in Shanghai and 137700 yuan / ton for barreled pieces, up 900 yuan / ton from yesterday.

Stainless steel, scrap stainless steel

SMM, October 31 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-- this morning, Wuxi quoted prices of 1595016150 yuan / ton for state-run 304 2B edge cutting volumes and 15600-15700 yuan / ton for private 304 2B rough edge volumes. 304 / NO. 1 five feet at 14900-15000 yuan / ton. Morning hot rolling quotation stable, cold rolling slightly reduced 50 yuan / ton, the end of the month are mainly collection and shipment, upstream and downstream cautious wait and see. For 10:30 SHFE SS2002 contract selling price 15020 yuan / ton, Wuxi stainless steel spot water 450-550 yuan / ton. (spot trimming = rough edges + 170 yuan / ton)

[Foshan stainless Steel Morning Review] SMM October 31, morning Foshan stainless steel market state 3042B edge cutting volume price is 15950 yuan / ton compared with yesterday; private 3042B rough edge roll price is 15700 yuan / ton compared with yesterday's average price; today's 304 / NO. 1 five foot roll price is 15000 yuan / ton compared with yesterday. Today's cold and hot rolling basic overall quotation remained stable compared with yesterday's average price, the market transaction situation has not changed greatly, most traders are mainly active shipments for the time being. For 10:30 SHFE ss2002 contract selling price 15020 yuan / ton, Foshan stainless steel spot water 450-650 yuan / ton (spot edge cutting = rough edge + 170 yuan / ton)


On October 25th, according to SMM, the total amount of nickel stocks in Shanghai, including the inventory of previous warehouse receipts, was down 547 tons to 74400 tons, or 0.7 per cent, from last week. Domestic stocks rose 1400 tons to 54400 tons from last week, including about 11800 tons of nickel beans and 42600 tons of nickel plates. During the same period, the stocks of refined nickel in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (including Shanghai Shitianwei, Lizitang, Lingang, Jiekai and Henry Bath)) were about 20100 tons, 1900 tons less than last week, of which 5100 tons were nickel beans, 400 tons less than before the festival.

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