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[stock market review] the three major stock indexes weak consolidation index floating green semiconductor concept rose rapidly
Oct 30,2019 12:02CST
By midday, the Shanghai index closed at 2941.25 points, down 0.44 per cent, the Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 9667.94 points, down 0.80 per cent, and the index closed at 1678.18 points, down 0.50 per cent.
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SMM10 30: three major stock indexes opened lower in early trading, followed by short-term weakness. Block chain concept differentiation is significant, the early performance of strong science and technology plate large area callback, the two cities most of the stock plate is flagging, in addition to the block chain plate, there is almost no hot topic in the market. Money wait and see mood rises again, make money correspondingly worse. Near the close of the morning, the three major stock indexes maintain a weak consolidation pattern. Block chain plate re-differentiation, brokerage, semiconductor board has rebounded, but the market as a whole is weak. By midday, the Shanghai index closed at 2941.25 points, down 0.44 per cent, the Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 9667.94 points, down 0.80 per cent, and the index closed at 1678.18 points, down 0.50 per cent.

Abnormal review

The concept stocks of blockchain retreated sharply, Chenxin Technology fell by the limit, Changshan Beiming, Hengyin Finance, American Yingsen and so on fell sharply.

Pork plate rose rapidly, Tiankang biology rose more than 5%, Aonong biology, Kandar, Longda meat food, Zhenjing shares and other collective strength

Semiconductor and component plate fell, Shengyi Technology, Broadcom integration both fell by the limit, Eton Electronics, Bomin Electronics, Shanghai Power shares, Ruineng Technology and so on fell sharply.

Aquaculture sector weakened, Tianshan biology fell more than 7%, probiotics shares, Minhe shares, Xiantan shares, Lihua shares fell

Digital currency plate strengthened, wisdom shares, Sifang Jingchuang limit, Hailian Jinhui, Gao Weida, Julong shares have been pulled up

Semiconductor and component plate pull up, Zhaoyi innovative touch plate, Shengbang shares, Fuhan micro, Tongfu micro electric and other collective strength

The securities plate rose slightly, the first venture rose more than 3%, Huaxin shares, Hongta Securities, Jinlong shares, Great Wall Securities and so on rose.

Message surface

[the US rural telecommunications network will be banned from using Huawei Gengshuang: firmly opposing the crackdown on specific Chinese enterprises on trumped-up charges]

"We firmly oppose the US side abusing state power and suppressing specific Chinese enterprises on trumped-up charges without any evidence." Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on the 29th that such economic bullying by the United States is a negation of the principle of market economy that the United States has always touted, and will not win the recognition and support of the international community. "as for some of the remarks made by the US side, I would like to point out that the vast majority of countries still remember the 'Prism Gate' incident and the lessons learned by Alstom of France, and so far, the United States has not given a clear explanation to the international community." (global Times)

[market hype cooling block chain concept stocks into the "knockout stage"]

On Monday, the blockchain concept rose and stopped, with more than 100 shares rising by the limit. On Tuesday, the blockchain concept entered the "knockout stage", with more than 100 shares falling. The concept index opened higher and lower, closing down 1.96%, closing at the lowest point of the day. (Securities Times)

The list of the scale of public offering funds in the third quarter has been released! The money fund shrank by 550 billion in the first three quarters]

According to public data, as of September 30, 2019, the net asset value of money market funds was 7.03 trillion, down about 7 percentage points from 7.59 trillion yuan at the end of 2018. This is also the first negative growth in recent years. (brokerage China)

Institutional point of view

Xiangcai Securities said that the main line of science and technology stocks will not change, but the stage of speculation plate or direction will be different, due to the block link bar, the previous few months greatly hyped PCB, ETC plate adjustment is obvious, which further shows that the capital from the speculation of the larger plate to no rising hot plate, the essence is the flow of water to the lower. To sum up a sentence: the structural market is still continuing, avoid the previous hype of larger technology stocks, block chain plate although the differentiation, but this is not the plate market is about to ebb signs, we believe that the block chain is still the strongest sound at present, after the shock block chain will also repeatedly strengthen, the plate low underestimated varieties are still expected to continue to be excavated by funds.

Guoxin Securities: although the two cities yesterday weak correction, but the overall volume can be maintained better, and the center of gravity of the market trend has not been affected, the market after Monday's rally, need to identify fake things, retain the real thing. In the short term, as the disclosure of the three quarterly reports is nearing the end, the interference factors are alleviated, and the overall market correction space is limited. Strategically, there can still be a balanced allocation between underestimated performance and innovative growth.

Everbright Securities: yesterday block chain concept stocks began to divide, less than 40 trading, although the overall decline, but the "block chain +" market will not end, low undervalued varieties are still expected to continue to be excavated by funds. The effective breakthrough of the index also needs the coordination of policies and fundamentals, continue to pay attention to hot spots in the short term, pay attention to performance and growth potential in the long run, and look for bargain opportunities.

Zhongyuan Securities: affected by the risk of block chain speculation warned by the state media, the enthusiasm of the A-share market around the hot spots of the block chain quickly receded on Tuesday, with a number of companies opening high and low, dragging down the software science and technology plate. Although wine-making, farming, animal husbandry, feeding and fishing, food and beverage and other defense plates against the trend, but investors have a strong willingness to cash out of the market, causing the stock indexes of the two cities to fluctuate lower throughout the day, and the Shanghai index returned to the area near 2950 points again. Whether the stock index can strengthen again in the future, it still needs the strong cooperation of the policy side and the capital side, and it is difficult to get out of the current shock pattern by relying solely on the ability of the market itself. We recommend that investors continue to pay attention to changes in policy, capital and external factors. It is expected that the Prev short-term shock around 2950 points may be larger, the gem short-term around 1700 points may be a small collation. We recommend that investors wait and see for the short term, while the middle line proposes to continue to pay attention to investment opportunities for some undervalued blue chips.

A grand event for thousands of people in China's non-ferrous metal industry

Shanghai colored net (SMM) annual meeting is the annual event of the metal industry, with an annual participation scale of thousands of people, domestic and foreign metal industry people gathered together to review and summarize the experience and harvest of the year, and lay the groundwork for the production, operation and operation of the coming year.

This year's "2019 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Annual meeting and 2020 (SMM) Metal Price Forecast Conference" was jointly created by SMM and China Renewable Resources Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association. At the same time, the first "China Renewable Metals Industry chain Development Summit Forum" was held, and SMM metal price forecasting conference and waste battery recycling exchange were set up for you to enjoy. From the development of non-ferrous metal market to the recycling of renewable resources, from the detailed explanation of policies and systems to the research and development of industrial chain technology.

This is not only a meeting, but also an industry exchange of information, collision thinking sparks of brainstorming!

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