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[SMM lead Morning News] Shanghai lead continued shock market closed up 0.03% overnight
Oct 29,2019 08:59CST
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SMM, 29 Oct:

Overnight, Shanghai lead 1912 contract opened at 16675 yuan / ton, Shanghai lead at the beginning of the day shock downward, low to 16640 yuan / ton, and then rebounded with the low lead, Shanghai lead followed the uplink, high to 16785 yuan / ton, will spit part of the increase, finally reported in 16730 yuan / ton, up 5 yuan / ton, up 0.03%. Shanghai lead around the platform shock operation, recently focused on the low level of 16600 yuan in the first line of support.

Overnight, Lun lead opened at $2216 / ton, Asia period, Lun lead center of gravity downward, the overall trend is downward, entering the European period, Lun lead stopped falling rebounded, but not for long, once short down to $2198 / ton, then the main force quickly pulled up prices, recovered $2200 mark, high to $2240 / ton, and finally reported $2228.5 / ton, up $11.50 / ton, up 0.52%. Lun lead still maintains a strong trend, there is no sign of a decline in high levels, waiting for domestic lead export profit warlords, is still accumulating stocks, perhaps the strong overseas structure will come to an end.

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