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Aluminum Association supports the Establishment of Import Monitoring system
Oct 28,2019 08:11CST
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The association says the system will help solve the problems of misclassification, transshipment and tax evasion of metals.

Co-chair of the bipartisan congressional aluminum caucus (Reps). Suzan DelBene,Larry Bucshon,Dave Loebsack and Bill Johnson have written to Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross (Wilbur Ross), calling for the establishment of an aluminum import monitoring system. More than 20 members of Congress from Democrats and Republicans also attended the meeting.

"on behalf of 162000 Americans in the aluminum industry, we appreciate the efforts of both parties to strengthen trade enforcement in the industry," said Joe Quinn (Joe Quinn), vice president of public affairs at the Aluminum Association. " "the aluminum import monitoring system is a necessary step in ensuring that all aluminium producers compete fairly in a fair, rules-based global trading system."

"expanding the Ministry of Commerce's current import monitoring program to capture imports of aluminium products will help government officials and the industry as a whole to better identify trade flows and address classification errors, transshipment and tax evasion of aluminium," the letter said. "

Earlier this year Canada announced the expansion of its import monitoring system to include aluminium and aluminium products. The decision is in line with the joint statement on 17 May in which the United States announced the abolition of section 232 tariffs and pledged to strengthen monitoring to prevent metal shipments.

"the establishment of a US aluminum import monitoring programme with our North American trading partners will further strengthen sound, fair and rules-based trade in aluminium and aluminium products between our two countries," the letter wrote. "

While trade enforcement tools such as anti-dumping and countervailing duty (AD / CVD) investigations are critical to implementing rules-based trade, they are not sufficient to meet all the challenges in the market, the Aluminium Association said. The recent successful AD / CVD case has led to a sharp decline in unfair trade in Chinese imports of aluminum foil and plain alloy aluminum sheets from the United States. However, despite these efforts, China's exports of semi-finished aluminium products to the world reached a record level in 2018 and will continue to grow in 2019, up 6 per cent so far.

The Aluminum Association said it had long advocated the development of an aluminum import monitoring program to ensure that no improperly traded metals entered the United States. Similar systems in other industries enable the Ministry of Commerce to identify danger signals in market data that may imply trade violations.

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