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Bismuth City transaction Price Center continues to rise-- SMM Bismuth spot Weekly report (2019.10.21-2019.10.25)
Oct 25,2019 16:45CST
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SMM, 25 Oct:

Market summary: the price center of gravity of bismuth city continues to rise this week, the overall market trading activity has not changed much, terminal demand is still dominated by small single purchase, middlemen speculate to buy less. However, suppliers still cherish the sale of high prices lead to the disappearance of low-price resources, cheap prices of resources are limited to a small number of "friendship" transactions, low-price resources are difficult to find in large numbers, the mainstream transaction price center of gravity of the market continues to rise. By the end of the week, the mainstream transaction price of SMM bismuth ingots was 40500-41500 yuan / ton, up 500 yuan / ton from last week.

At present, although most of the major manufacturers in the market are maintaining production, the stock of bismuth ingots in the factory is not high, and some of the small factory resources that originally impacted the market are now basically no longer cheap to sell resources, but to follow the quotation of mainstream manufacturers or to add a certain small discount shipment, resulting in small factory resources are also basically difficult to buy at a low price. Large manufacturers are also confident that the shipping price of less than 40500 yuan / ton began to maintain an untenable attitude. From the point of view of the price of factory shipments this week, it is still concentrated in 40500-41000 yuan / ton, while some small trading prices will appear about 41500 yuan / ton or more depending on the content of the service. At present, what is still relatively unified is that in addition to supplying downstream customers, manufacturers still have a tough attitude towards middlemen and speculative funds, and try their best to take the initiative in their own hands.

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As a result of the recent increase in rumors and news about the public auction of bismuth in Pan-Asia, the market has become a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, but in any case, the trend of stabilization in the bismuth market price is already obvious at present. As long as there is no obvious moth in the Pan-Asian auction, the bismuth market price is expected to gradually rise in the near future.


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