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The second wave of SMM20 anniversaries is coming!
Oct 23,2019 09:28CST
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[live broadcast of WeChat Group, SMM Industry analyst]

Shanghai Nonferrous Network senior metal industry analyst, combined with SMM independent research first-hand data, to provide analysis and views on hot events at home and abroad, analysis and prediction of the market trend.

Activity preheating has just begun, many friends through a variety of channels to consult live when to start? What categories do you include?

Don't worry, this live broadcast will be covered through the form of WeChat group.

As long as you have a heart to learn, nothing is a problem, through the "WeChat Group", you can learn, interact with dozens of SMM senior analysts, and share the exchange xx of the market analysis.

Live broadcast records, photos and practical information did not fall, and the next day they were synchronously sorted out to the SMM industry official account.

Hit it hard!

Scene one, live attack!

Live broadcast category:

Aluminum Alloy Ingot-- Analysis of domestic recycled Aluminum Market and interpretation of Import waste Aluminum Policy

Recycled lead-- Analysis of Hot spots in China's recycled lead Market

Live broadcast: Friday, October 22, 2019 19: 00-19: 30

Live broadcast group: all major metal categories of SMM live broadcast group (to ensure the integrity of the live broadcast, please join the group ahead of time)

How to join:

Scan the QR code, fill in the WeChat Group Live Application form, and sign up now!

Please pay attention!

Scan the QR code and add SMM customer service WeChat.

Please note when adding friends: name-telephone-company-main, after examination will pull you into the live WeChat group.

Due to the large number of participants, we will review and invite you to join the live broadcast group as soon as possible. Please wait patiently.

Free access to the group, until the group is full!

"Click to sign up for a thousand people event in China's non-ferrous metals industry.

Share the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Annual meeting registration link to the circle of friends or WeChat group of more than 100 people, and send screenshots to the WeChat account below to get the right to view "SMM Metal Breakfast" for one year (the original price is 300 yuan / year).

Scan QR code plus WeChat


The 20th anniversary
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