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Weekly Review of selenium Market (10.14-10.18) the decline in selenium prices has slowed down and the market is still not optimistic.
Oct 18,2019 18:01CST
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This week, the domestic selenium market still remains weak and negative, and the overall market changes tend to be flat compared with those before National Day; however, from the point of view of weak consumption, everyone is still not optimistic about the future.

Today, SMM 99.9% selenium powder transaction price is 90-120 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingot transaction price is 95-125 yuan / kg, the average price is 5 yuan / kg lower than last week; crude selenium transaction price is 51-65 yuan / kg, the average price is 1 yuan / kg lower than last week; selenium dioxide transaction price is 5056 yuan / kg, 2 yuan / kg lower than last Friday.

Selenium powder: foreign media 99.9% selenium powder quoted for 7.5-8.8 US dollars / lb, the upper limit price reduced by US $0.2 / lb compared with last week. At present, the overall supply of refined selenium is still surplus, and with the slow decline of the international market, coupled with the continuous decline of domestic raw materials, the transaction price of refined selenium is also in the decline. Downstream consumers say they are willing to slow down their purchases and replenish a small amount of rigid demand with a small amount of inventory.

Selenium: there is no lack of inventory in the hands of downstream consumers, and with the decline of the overall selenium market, the price of selenium is also falling, as of the weekend, the mainstream transaction price of selenium is concentrated in 50-54 yuan / kg. Some downstream manganese plants have a certain inventory, purchase more actively lower prices, the buyer's market attribute has not yet been reversed. Of course, compared with the sustained decline before the National Day, the changes in the market after the festival have been moderated, and there is some resistance when diving to the price of 50,000 yuan / ton. As profits continue to sell, shippers are willing to reduce shipments, the awareness of pricing appears, the market continues to fall from a small negative decline.

Crude selenium: a large copper factory bid for crude selenium this week, the price is not much different from the tender price of a copper company last week, and has fallen from its own tender price last month. At present, the production and sales of crude selenium in copper enterprises are still in the normal state, neither reducing production and sparing sales, nor showing signs of volume sales at the end of the year, as the raw material end of selenium products to maintain the normal pace of supply.

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The market mood was relatively calm this week, the news was temporarily hidden, and most of the market was waiting for the dust to settle down on the auction of pan-Asian selenium stocks. The selenium market is expected to remain stable and weak next week.

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