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Weekly Review of imported Manganese Ore (10.14-10.18): up to 4.37 million tons of inventory traders struggle to support
Oct 18,2019 17:47CST
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The price of imported manganese ore fell this week, traders increasingly serious losses, continue to look at the low price market, downstream procurement is more cautious and prudent, the general transaction situation within the week, coupled with the concentration of Hong Kong, inventory ushered in an all-time high.


On the inventory side, Tianjin Port stocks of 3.094 million tons, back to the "300" era, and refreshed this year and a record high of 3.045 million tons, an increase of 5.32 per cent over the previous week, and 1.02 million tons in Qinzhou Port, an increase of 9.78 per cent over the previous week. Continue to fall in the middle and lower reaches of the market procurement is more cautious, this week transaction situation is general, second-hand traders choose to accept spot proportion is even more minority, asked to postpone the original transaction for two weeks is no longer a small number, coupled with this week 15, 17 arrival volume is larger, before some futures sales situation is poor, inventory accumulation is serious. Some traders said that under the pressure of inventory and price, they may launch the market for a short time; some non-mainstream mines such as Zambia and Ivorian manganese mines have also chosen to stay in Hong Kong to stop shipping to China.

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