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Comments on overnight financial data:
Oct 17,2019 16:23CST
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SMM, 17 October:


As of press time, the US dollar closed at 98.025, down 0.27%, most of the metals were green, Lun lead rose 0.88%, Lun Ni fell 3.64%, Lun Xi rose nearly 1%, Lun Zinc fell 0.33%, Lun Al fell 0.12%, Lun Copper fell 0.93%; Domestic metals rose and fell by half, thread down 0.81%, stainless steel down 1.03%, Shanghai nickel 1.86%, Shanghai lead 0.95%, Shanghai zinc 0.4%, Shanghai tin 0.85%, Shanghai copper 0.53%, Shanghai aluminum 0.11%. As of press time, cloth oil closed at $58.05, up 0.17%, and American oil closed at $52.97, up 0.01%.


Important data:

The United States ended the week to October 11 API crude oil inventory changes (10,000 barrels), the previous value: 413, expected: 277.2, announced: 1050.

The United States ended the week to October 11 API gasoline inventory changes (10,000 barrels), the previous value:-594, expected:-138.1, announced:-93.4.

Important overnight financial data:


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