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Tongling Nonferrous Capital increase holds 20% stake in Bronze Crown Mine Construction
Oct 17,2019 08:12CST
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SMM: in order to improve capital strength and give full play to synergy, Tongguan Mining Construction increased capital and shares, and all the new shares were subscribed by Tongling Nonferrous Metals. Tongling Nonferrous Co., Ltd. subscribed for 30 million new shares of Tongguan Mine Construction with its own capital of 146 million yuan. Before this capital increase, the company does not hold copper crown mine construction shares, after the completion of this capital increase, the company will hold 20.00% of copper crown mine construction shares.

Tongguan Mining Construction is carrying out the initial public offering of shares and listing on the main board, and has submitted the first guidance filing report to the Anhui Securities Regulatory Bureau. The Anhui Securities Regulatory Bureau has given the tutoring record registration, and the tutoring period begins on September 30, 2019.

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