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[SMM inventory] Wuxi Bridge collapse accident has a serious impact on the Steel Transportation Market
Oct 14,2019 13:55CST
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SMM news, a few days ago, Wuxi Xigang Road above the 312 National Highway viaduct suddenly overturned, dozens of meters of long bridge accidentally collapsed, buried three cars. Three people were killed and two injured. Preliminary accident analysis shows that it should be caused by overloading of large trucks. According to the police, at the time of the incident, a large truck on the bridge was loaded with seven coils of steel coils, with a load of only more than 30 tons, while a coil of steel coils weighed more than 28 tons. Two large trucks were overloaded with a total of more than 300 tons. After that, the cost of short-distance steel transportation in Wuxi began to soar.

Some industry insiders said that the contract management fees of their enterprises have more than tripled, fuel and road tolls are also rising, transportation costs are increasing, and profits are constantly being compressed. The upstream and downstream enterprises of freight also have unshirkable responsibility for overloading. It is understood that in the transportation of hot rolled steel coil, the cost is much higher if it is transported according to the prescribed weight. With volume units to save logistics costs, many people risk illegal operation. For the manufacturer, because the business needs to acquiesce in such an operation a lot.

After the bridge collapse incident, various localities have issued new regulations to strictly control the phenomenon of overloading and overloading.

Wuxi: on October 11, Wuxi Mayor Huang Qin led a team to conduct a special inspection of Wuxi out-of-gauge monitoring stations, demanding that a new round of special overload and overload rectification be carried out in an all-round way, resolutely found together, strictly investigated and dealt with together, and severely punished through strict punishments. severely crack down on illegal transportation over limits and overload, and effectively safeguard road traffic safety.

Suzhou: on the 11th, the official website of the Suzhou Municipal people's Government issued an emergency notice on "further strengthening the investigation and handling of" 100-ton Wang "vehicles, which clearly calls for strengthening the investigation and handling of" 100-ton king "vehicles and strengthening the investigation and handling of out-of-gauge vehicles at ordinary highway toll booths. Further strengthen the source control of freight enterprises. "Suzhou issued an emergency notice to further strengthen the investigation and handling of" hundred tons of Wang "vehicles.

Shanghai: on October 12, "off-site law enforcement" and regular "road police linkage" Shanghai is carrying out a special rectification campaign of "100 days to control excess", and a number of measures have been taken in parallel to strengthen the regulation of illegal and out-of-gauge transport of vehicles. "Shanghai has taken a number of measures to continuously regulate out-of-gauge transport of vehicles.

Zhengzhou: on October 11, it was reported that Zhengzhou had set up 72 dynamic testing points to detect overloaded vehicles 24 hours a day. The information of the system can be transmitted to the mobile phone APP of the law enforcement officers in time, so that the law enforcement officers can carry out targeted investigation and correction in the road surface law enforcement. Focus on the source, overloaded vehicles into the "blacklist" more than 3 times will cancel the operation license. The "measures of Henan Province for the Control of overloading of cargo Transport vehicles" stipulates that goods are loaded (equipped) for freight vehicles without license or with incomplete license, or freight source units that overload and release goods for freight vehicles, will be fined not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 30,000 yuan.

Anhui: Anhui Province has paid attention to the problem of load limitation of urban bridges in recent years. Hefei University of Technology, Hefei Municipal Engineering Management Office, Hefei Public Safety Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Anhui Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Railway Hefei Construction Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. jointly investigated and drafted the Anhui Bridge load limitation Standard. It has been drafted and is being reviewed by the Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision of Anhui Province. "Anhui drafts the" Urban Bridge load limit Standard "detects that the overloaded vehicle system will issue an alarm.

Nanjing: on October 11, Nanjing Highway Management Office jointly carried out investigation and handling of overloading and overloading. It is understood that next, Nanjing will carry out city-wide overload centralized rectification, in addition to relying on 13 overload stations for law enforcement, by the end of the year will also complete 50 points of off-site comprehensive law enforcement non-stop detection system construction, the use of technical means 24-hour monitoring, control overload. "strictly investigate the layout of 50 overload and overload non-stop detection systems at the end of the year.

Hunan: on October 12, he Zunqing, vice mayor of the Chenzhou Municipal Government, presided over a special meeting to study the deployment of super-control work. On the same day, the transportation and management of Taoyuan County in Changde City carried out the special work of overloading, retrofitting and other illegal freight vehicles during the same day, a total of 175 illegal freight vehicles such as overloading and retrofitting were investigated and dealt with, with a traffic police score of 554 points, eight enterprises at the source of interviews and warnings, four enterprises at the source of penalties, one person in administrative detention, a fine of 289200 yuan for various types of fines, and more than 1600 modified vehicles.

Fujian: on October 12, the "three measures" of the third brigade of Quanzhou City Traffic Law Enforcement Detachment carried out a special rectification action to investigate the hidden dangers of building slag transportation, severely crack down on illegal overloading of slag vehicles, polluting roads and slag transport enterprises, and purify the road traffic environment. At the same time, enterprises are urged to conscientiously implement the vehicle dynamic monitoring system and vehicle technical file management system, strictly control the source and road inspection, and promptly detect and deal with traffic violations of slag vehicles. We will launch a joint mechanism to increase the joint efforts of rectification. In conjunction with relevant departments, we will actively carry out joint law enforcement and inspection of road surface flow, and further step up the rectification of illegal vehicles such as overloading and polluting highways.

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