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[brief Review of Zinc in SMM period] Shanghai Zinc completes the finishing of Shanghai Zinc partial strength on the day of the main force exchange
Oct 11,2019 16:21CST
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SMM10, 11th May:


Today, Shanghai zinc completed the main force of the month, Shanghai zinc 1911 contract opened at 19010 yuan / ton, Shanghai zinc briefly touched 19015 yuan / ton at the beginning of the day, then fell back to 18930 yuan / ton first line shock operation, 20 days moving average line support strength appeared, Shanghai zinc returned to the daily average line 18980 yuan / ton around the finishing operation, recorded a V shape, the afternoon long left Shanghai zinc frustrated downlink, the end of the day slightly pulled up, closed up 18975 yuan / ton, up 185 yuan / ton from the previous trading. Up 0.98%, trading volume decreased by 17584 hands to 186000 hands, position decreased by 5352 hands to 149000 hands.


Intraday Shanghai zinc main force 1912 contract opened at 19005 yuan / ton, at the beginning of the day Shanghai zinc tried to test the suppression strength of Wanjiu pass, failed to make a trip, fell back to 18960 yuan / ton, then again upward pressure fell back to 18920 yuan / ton, narrow shock operation, afternoon more empty, boost Shanghai zinc uplink to 18970 yuan / ton near, but failed to stick to, Shanghai zinc fell to 18940 yuan / ton, the end of the day closed up slightly. It closed up at 18960 yuan / ton, up 190 yuan / ton, or 1.01%, from the previous session. Trading volume increased by 23000 hands to 134000 hands, and positions increased by 10340 hands to 153000 hands. Within days, Shanghai zinc received a small negative line, with the shadow line under the 20-day moving average, the MACD index formed a golden fork, indicating that Shanghai zinc still exists on the action energy. Domestic three places social inventory recorded a decline in the day, indicating that the lower reaches of consumption power after the National Day is still more optimistic, superimposed macro news slightly warmer, bulls enter the market to boost zinc prices, however, under the strong suppression of the upper Wanjiu pass, Shanghai zinc action can be considered temporarily, pay attention to the support strength of the lower EMA at night.


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