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Weekly review of selenium market (10.8-10.11) the demand for selenium has not improved and the price of selenium is difficult to support.
Oct 11,2019 14:46CST
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After the National Day, the state of the selenium market has not changed, the price of selenium products traded this week is still slightly lower than before the festival; the market mentality and mood is still not optimistic.

Today, SMM 99.9% selenium powder transaction price is 95-125 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingot transaction price is 100-130 yuan / kg, the average price is 2.5 yuan / kg lower than last week; crude selenium transaction price is 51-67 yuan / kg, the average price is 3 yuan / kg lower than last week; selenium dioxide transaction price is 5258 yuan / kg, 3 yuan / kg lower than last Friday.

Selenium powder: foreign media 99.9% selenium powder quoted for 7.5-9 US dollars / lb, the price remained stable compared with last week. Although overseas prices have not continued to fall significantly in the past month, it is still difficult to form a favorable impact and support on the domestic market, and the price of refined selenium in China has been passively lowered due to the decline in raw material prices. Domestic 99.9% selenium powder to maintain the price of 95-100 yuan / kg, the manufacturer said that most of the orders for old customers, new customers are very few. Crude selenium trading prices at copper plants have fallen again this week, which could affect the decline in refined selenium prices next week.

Selenium: the seven-day National Day holiday failed to stop the downward trend of selenium dioxide in China, and prices continued to fall this week. In the middle of the week, the tender price of selenium in a large electrolytic manganese plant was less than 52 yuan / kg, and the price of zero sales by traders was also about 2 yuan / kg lower than that before the festival. It is understood that at present, manganese plants more or less hold a certain amount of selenium inventory, in the current price drop, while watching while timely purchase, and in the buyer's market has a certain bargaining power, selenium shipment is relatively difficult.

Crude selenium: this week, a copper factory in central China invited tenders for crude selenium, and the price was lower than the transaction price in September. This phenomenon is not surprising, because in the current pessimistic environment, raw material prices must be affected by the downward impact of downstream product prices. Of course, there are leading enterprises trying to stabilize the market, reduce the flow of low-cost resources to the market; we can keep an eye on this.

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Overall, the October market is still difficult to be optimistic, the market has not yet shown signs of improvement, prices are expected to stabilize and weaken next week.

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