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Low-price resources, few high-price sales difficult bismuth market deadlock-SMM bismuth spot weekly report (2019.10.08-2019.10.11)
Oct 11,2019 14:44CST
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SMM, 11 Oct:

Market summary: the bismuth market price as a whole has rebounded slightly since it stabilized before the 11th quarter, but only because the low price resources have gradually disappeared, the price center of gravity has moved up slightly, because the market trading is still inactive, the speculative power is temporarily flagging, and the terminal demand is not buoyant, but because the supplier still maintains a low price, cherish the state of selling high price, so in the situation of both supply and demand is not prosperous. Market transaction prices can not be steadily upward, entangled, wait and see, stalemate is the most true portrayal of the current market. By the end of the week, the mainstream transaction price of SMM bismuth ingots was 39500-40500 yuan / ton, up 500 yuan / ton from last week.

On the supply side, the resources of small factories in the market are tight, and large and medium-sized manufacturers, because they think that the current prices are not in the shipping price, are basically based on cherishing sales. It is understood that some large factories are selling at prices of more than 40000 yuan / ton. However, since some manufacturers since the resumption of production, bismuth ingot inventory gradually increased, therefore, for the withdrawal of funds also released some less than 40000 yuan / ton shipping price. However, higher prices, whether in terms of intermediate speculative forces or downstream demand, have failed to buy, and transactions of bismuth ingots higher than 40500 yuan / ton are mainly in small quantities, so at present, suppliers are not confident enough to raise prices, so they can only wait and see for a while.

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Due to the numerous and chaotic market news, there are also many versions of the news about the Pan-Asian bismuth ingot auction, which has added a lot of uncertainty to the market, and has also had an impact on the mood of both buyers and sellers. Perhaps the stability of the current market price is also the best transition. After the news is gradually clear, both sides of the market supply and demand digest and choose the direction.

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