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[SMM tracking: 3 deaths caused by overturning accident of Wuxi Viaduct]
Oct 11,2019 10:26CST
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At about 18:10 on October 10, a bridge deck rollover accident occurred at K135 National Highway 312 and Xigang Road in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. After on-the-spot search and rescue confirmed, a total of three cars under the bridge were pressed, one of which was parked (no one, the driver has been found), the other two vehicles a total of three people, has been killed. There are five vehicles on the overturned bridge deck, including three cars and two trucks. Three people were killed and two injured in the accident. According to a number of local people in Wuxi, the cause of the accident was suspected of overloading a large truck carrying steel. Affected by the accident, some areas have issued a notice to limit overloading, strictly comply with the national loading standard Tangshan area: due to the viaduct incident, Tangshan surprise inspection closed for 3 days. Liaoning area: overloading is found to be subject to "one overload and four penalties", punishing individuals, logistics, shippers and warehouses, so from now on steel city depots found that overloading will not be billed and loaded in Changzhou area: strictly investigate all kinds of overloading and overloading violations, especially all kinds of overloading and overloading violations within the scope of the city from today, especially all kinds of heavy semi-trailer vehicles transporting steel, therefore, From tomorrow, between 7: 00 a.m. and 12:00 in the evening, all types of heavy-haul vehicles will be prohibited. Some of the steel mills issued a response notice to Jiangsu Yonggang: Jiangsu Yonggang since today, trucks can not be overloaded, in strict accordance with the national loading standards, at present in loading vehicles, re-adjust loading tonnage, has not left the factory, there are excess tonnage, load reduction, please pay attention to. Jiangsu Xugang: Jiangsu Xugang Group issued a notice, for the sake of road safety, it is strictly forbidden to overload goods out of the factory, all incoming freight vehicles, if overloaded, all refuse to accept, do not settle the account, hereby notify. According to SMM, large truck transport overload often occurs, a market participant said that on the iron ore loading problem, the general iron ore loading truck standard load of 30-500000 tons. General hot coil and building materials loading truck standard load of 30-50 tons, over-standard loading can be doubled or more. Overloading not only seriously destroys highway facilities, increases the cost of highway maintenance, shortens the service life of highway, but also damages the truck itself, and is more likely to cause traffic accidents. After the accident, it is imperative to check Chaozhi Chao or imperative.

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